Watch "Insulin should be cheap. Here’s why it's not." on YouTube
Gone through this video. Greening is not good.

To all you new people in the Fediverse. Don't forget to active being listed on the user Profile Directory if you want people to be able to find you.

I agree with this, we need to stop being scared of children understanding their own body parts!

Someone made a Script out of Donald Trump's handwriting and named it "Tiny Hand". The link also includes a font you can download. This is the funniest thing I heard in a while.

I wanted to apologize to all my followers for forgetting to reply to some posts or messages. If I do feel free to remind me, I have been very busy trying to get my new startup off the ground.

@14maverick04 Not sure if that is an actual question or intended to be a joke I didnt get.

Generally the two anymptops are parallel here.

To be fair even men dont vote in Vatican City. So I'm glad to finally see the number hit 100%!

I have no prior knowledge of low level programming.

My question to all.

Should I jump straight into Rust ?

or should I do C, C++ in order to fully understand the abstractions in rust?

@seb @freemo @jump_spider -- please help and do tag pro coders and builders like yourself (I don't wanna waste all my time here discussing politics, need to make friends with knowledgeable people).

ps - where do i donate to qoto

@Karthikdeva I get your concern but the thing is Judiciary is only institution in which we can trust. Article 142 , has been always used to enforce justice. During Union Carbide case(Bhopal Gas Tragedy) for well being of the victims. And about the member of AIMPLB , They decided to go with the verdict. After 7 decade long legal battle, which created such turmoil in our country. Loss of thousands of life this needs to stop. The verdict is a closure .

Hello to our new followers!

Our project is a federated Instagram alternative!

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