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Tyre Nichols hitting right on the heels of Keenan Anderson and Jason Kloepfer is just more than we were meant for. Those videos are beyond rough. And as impacting as the brutality is, it’s the indifference that really stays with me. The utter lack of remorse or even concern which betrays an much wider problem beyond what gets caught on camera. Take care of yourselves, my friends, in whatever way that means for you.

This article is mostly written through the lens of Twitter’s recent enshittification, but I can’t help but think of Wizards of the Coast and the recent OGL controversies as I read it. More parallels than I’d previously noticed.

From: @mmasnick

So what I'm hearing is that elected officials maintain on their desks teetering piles of neglected paperwork which they then, in a state of panic, cram into boxes w/ the word "stuff" scrawled across the side the night before the movers come & never think of again. Couldn't be me.

Hello everybody!
This is a rock, not a slice of cheesecake.
Red agate and White Opal with Botryoidal Chalcedony
This specimen from Central Nevada
Credit: Chelsea Thompson
#Geology #GeologyPage #Nature

Gun violence 

My heart breaks— I can’t even keep up with these crises in the US. I’m just sick.

Other countries have mental health problems. Other countries have video games. Other countries have bullies, incels, rap music, atheism, neglectful parents, and every other factor we hear. What other countries DON’T have is a definitional blurring between high-capacity bullet sprayers and small self-defense pieces. should be limited purpose tools of necessity, not power fetishes.

The New York Field Office of the FBI pushed to reopen Hillary Clinton’s emails 11 days before the 2016 election.

Police, violence 

Via @davenewworld_2,

WARNING: GRAPHIC ⚠️ Police in North Carolina shot a disabled man who was unarmed and complying with their orders.

A SWAT team woke Jason Harley Kloepfer up and told him to get outside, then they shot him as soon as he opened the door.

This press release from the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office is full of shit. There was no verbal altercation or confrontation.

"With its 60 million olive trees, Puglia used to produce up to 50% of Italy's olive oil, but in just a few years, Xylella infected and killed 21 million trees, many of which were several centuries old...

"...It is an unprecedented ecological, environmental disaster."

#trees #environment #science

--Oh and Florida banning (banning!) AP African American history ought to be enough of a mask off moment to wake up anyone who thought this was about some kind of historically unstable, politically charged courses. This is the got dammed college board and all the most moderate of moderate and boring voices in history.

So cannon you could put balls in it and sink a ship.

I can only assume they want young people to learn literal myths and legends. Chopped cherry trees and all instead.

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