@thor Its important to point out that is not yoru eyes getting worse, its the nature of glasses. If your near sighted your focal point is closer. That usually means you have **superior** near vision and worse farther.

@freemo @thor My glasses haven't changed in almost 20 years. I still have 20/10 with my glasses. My old optometrist told me that his goal when giving kids glasses was to give them greater than average sight.

If feeling self conscious just remember that our older bodies might have more testosterone.


20/10 vision would mean quite horrible near sightedness.

While there is such a thing as objectively bad vision (such as an astigma) when it comes to normal shaped lenses that are out of focus there really is no such thing as "better and worse"... those kids with 20/10 vision would be completely unable to use my computer at the resoution I use.

I use QHD/UHD monitors at full resolution with no zoom. Virtually every normal sighted person says "how can you see that" to which I reply "rather easily".

You can only shift the natural focal point, it is never an improvement it is a tradeoff every time.


@freemo @thor That explains why I wasn't able to hit targets with an M16A2 style rifle and iron sights. I suspected it had something to do with my corrective lenses. Before the corrective lenses I could easily hit paper plates with the same rifle at 100m.

Can you see better in the dark than other people too? That is without glasses.


@thor @freemo Also using two different systems of measurements because they both have strengths in certain areas.

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