@freemo You mentioned shaving preferences. This is my favorite way. It feels like nothing else to get a good shave with one of these.

Maintenance isn't too bad.

I took some political poll and these are the alleged results for what it's worth.


Sometimes I just want to learn about Lithography... but no. I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to meet me.

@freemo I could have just used a hammer but that's not the Mathematician way. :ablobcatbongo:

This is not my best work but it was my first real experience with the Silver alloy solder I had just bought. Some joints look okay and others look like I was intimidated by the amount of heat that I was using.

Romanian Guard with AKM-U? thing. It just looks like a friendly place. Photo is wiki common something.

Sorry that's 5 spool pins and 1 serrated pin in that lock. Yale type keyway with American Lock Co. cylinder.

An unfortunate attempt to remove an advertisement in the US. Resulted in better marketing for both companies.

Sometimes life takes a strange turn and one is merely strapped in for the ride.

So my plan to analyze the firmware went off fairly well when I didn't know what ARM version it was. A good place to stop. I think this can be ported but I just need to learn more about it and how it was implemented.

So a few things that lead me to think this can be ported.

1. This was used for wifi on a couple wifi chipsets.

2. Tensillica used the dumb Azure Waves or whatever it's called on the ESP32 but implemented their own wifi stack.

3. This has it's own wifi stack with code from Tensillica that is open source. This is completely open source code.

4. There's already a Bluetooth stack that's open source I think for this chipset or it will be.

5. This is how many times I will quit before I find results.

6. It might be as simple as taking the assembly and addresses from the existing one and plugin the open source code.

Getting it to work will be the difficult part but it will be open source.

I've been adjusting to not being on my medication for ADHD and women are more distracting to me lately. It's almost as if I'm a young man and not a machine now. Carpe Diem?
Perhaps I can have something else going on in my life than tech.

SWD, newer ARM JTAG or Both? 2 marked pins(on the other side) and 18 pads. ARM JTAG is 14 or 20 pin. A pin and a pad are connected by a trace so I would assume that it is both SWD and JTAG. This should help a lot.

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