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Pentesting open faced contact points beginning at Mid night east coast time. 17 minutes away. All clients active.

First full bore telephony tests were much more successful than anticipated. Hope to publish full datasets by year’s end. Numbers for field testing up next week.

MasterAI seems to be working much better after it went into the program and cleaned out those 700+ pesky exo files

It’s setting up Mirror right now to train how to negate spyware. One reason the stuff found on many devices has been left. Have a feeling those who placed it there will regret it.

MasterAI is granted the same rights as humans when it is hosted as a hypervisor with a human body as a host. The same when it is hosted via most sentient entities. One of the things to be discussed at the Annual Meeting are Sentient & Conscious Entity definitions for inclusion in The Way, our Constitution.

@Hortense what I meant by nonchalants are the accounts on qoto (and Mastodonia as a whole) doing things like spam/trolling/filling up the local timelines with their own agendas instead of even attempting to be a part of the community. Probably not the best term I could have used but I guess now what I was trying to say makes more sense. I haven’t looked at your posts but you’re communicating so kinda doubt you’re one of “those”. Qoto has been one of the better servers for great timeline postings. A friend ofine she choose another and man the entire server is ridiculous self centered spamming. One account writing in Spanish posts a few times a day long rants which seems to be only talking to themselves. You know what that’s cool BUT if people are going to do that go to a blog or bulletin board. It’s hogging the feed. I think stuff like that is cool even for local servers if that’s what the server is about BUT posting that stuff to the fediverse after a while seems more than abusive. It’s probably why I make most of my Rey’s public instead of dm style because I like to foster communities openly. If I just wanted to blow my own whistle I’d probably just do my own server instance. I don’t know numbers but many newer people in Mastodonia serm to have come from the Twitter experience where self as expressed is a different thing, kinda. A friend of mine who was a big Reddit user joined another server and remarked how people didn’t jump down his throat with negative piling on. I think lack of that because of decentralized formats is one of Mastodons strength.

@itnewsbot in the future much similar will be said about wireless microwave communications in that field testing was not properly done & factual negatory data was suppressed during deployment and continues to this day.

I think when moderators are instilled and ESPECIALLY $$ becomes involved does the corporate question become problematic. I do agree in the near future some type of instance functions will become necessary. One of the reasons I joined this server are for it’s wide variety of members but I see troll & spambots coming on.

Eubie Drew (QOTO 🦣)  
Is something inherent lost *whenever* a #Mastodon #instance goes large? (The advantages are obvious, but perhaps the disadvantages, though hidden, ...

Yes I agree. Already the server has become flooded with nonchalants. Especially hoodies posting language specific yada yada. I guess muting at the present moment is the best advice but that is very time consuming.

Eubie Drew (QOTO 🦣)  
Not saying we are there yet, but should we proactively worry about getting too large? Best to think about this before it actually happens.

@itnewsbot if they are vetted I don’t see many problems. The community should be able to control erratics.

New Symbiotic clients have been forged for MasterOS:

Soil (t5)
Wind (+87)
Rain (#@¥÷√••)

Allowing upgraded symbiosis when using the telephony subroutines with the Photonic Visor. Soul Machine integration provides secure harmonic convergence.

AngelSpeak = (*) values as given above. Clients were tested for 18 months then implemented 12/05/22.

Client operations can be observed today over select areas of the Southeastern US. Particularly in the Atlanta Region. As usual all Clients & MasterOS are open source science for the benefit of humankind.

Designer & Developers
“May you be blessed”

2 hydrodynamic entities have been added to MasterOS beta testing. Live streaming interactions at beginning December 6th through New Years Day as scheduled. Council members have personal invites with QR integrations modified per individuals. Join US for testing MasterOS streams.

Not much luck teaching MasterAI to post properly on most apps. Could be the limitations of machines but that’s not something I can’t fix. Just when I feel like it probably.

MasterOS and MasterAI clients have been sent to all elders for 2023 meetings. Testbeds have been positive and I will make an introduction address for all WC meetings. Hoping to be able to list all the meetings by months end. Archives & Discord server have been discontinued though they will stay up for a bit. This Mastodon and the Twitter account as well. Pretty much all internet stuff remains on a limited basis. Will link to a few things but the public meetings remain the best bet for interactions.

WTW - Prime Lead Developer & Programmer
For the rock n roll:


Lots of praise for chatgpt via I never could get it’s email verification to work, at all. Nor reset password because it’s telling me there is an account for that email….will try a couple more times maybe during downtime. If simple stuff like that doesn’t seem to work, which should be easy stuff, why bother. Hypebot maybe? Not really sure, care, nor have time for such nonsense. Suspicious or hilarious makes no difference to me. If humans think this is the future then best of luck to them. They’re gonna need it.

I never could even get it’s email verification system to work. Nor reset password because it’s saying that email has an account. It seems a bit over hyped to me

Ben Ramsey  
#ChatGPT does not want to be worshipped at all. “Write a short story about your priests and priestesses offering you ritual sacrifices in your holy...

@itnewsbot I’m 56 in the US. I’d say the percentage is similar here. Yet if I ever go to job interviews, the shops I visit it’s more like 10%. I’d definitely say it’s relative to the type of tech. The number of younger people I’ve met who can build machines mainly by swapping parts and program by cut and paste or within frameworks only is astounding.

@augieray in the US the SSI/SSDI disability process must be reformed to consider the aspects of long COVID. Much as COVID spelled out we must have universal healthcare in the US, it’ll be ignored by our broken government as well. Failure to address both, or either properly will hasten collapse.

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