I can't have nice things, can I? First the mug "Keep calm and kill " and now the cup "Rammsteiner Pilsner" from the concert. Fuuuuuuu....

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8) bloody handprints: Google ‘handprint’. Paint handprint onto eraser end. Carefully cut away the eraser around/inside design to a depth of 1-2mm. Paint with 1:1 mix of BFTBGod/Doombull Brown. Test/amend as needed. Press on terrain; Paint on tiny drops of mix for spatter. #warcry

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anti vaxxer protestors outside the convention yelling about "religious freedom". what about the freedom of three year olds to not die from measles you awful pieces of human garbage

The quest continues. Today in ,
König Ludwig Weißbier Dunkel is very delicious, despite the contradictory name. ;)

Why arent more gen-z into Calvin and Hobbes. It's so relatable. This should be the next thing we bring back after moomin.

is our best source of energy and yet it's under attack everywhere. ⚛️

Enough is enough. On 20 October 2019, pro-nuclear people will 'Stand Up for Nuclear' in dozens of cities around the world

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Here's an idea you frickin morons: USE A FUCKING MUG! You don't need a coffee while en-route. Have one at home, the next one you have at the office.

Screw this coffee approximation of liquid diabetes, in a cup....


, never heard of that, eh?

"I use Google, Facebook, Amazon, Lyft, Uber, Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify. I have two Amazon Echos, a Google Home, an iPhone, a MacBook Air, a Nest thermostat, a Fitbit, and a Roku."

What are you people doing with your lives? Is you drive for convenience n really that much higher than your need for privacy???


Some of y'all deserve this digital nudism...

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