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Set on the Atlantic west coast just north of Cabo da Roca in #Portugal is the little gem of a beach called Praia da Ursa. The name of the beach comes from the "Rocha da Ursa" (bear rock) one of two huge sea stacks at the northern end of the beach.

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Happy #NationalSTEMDay! Are you a student itching for a way to make real contributions to the space program? Check out our @NASASTEM competitions to:

Design and test a rover
Build a tool for spacewalks
Create a spacesuit information display


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Today, the #HiddenFigures Congressional Gold Medal Act was signed into law. Congressional gold medals will go to Katherine Johnson and Dr. Christine Darden (and Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson posthumously). Celebrate the women who paved the way at @nasa: 

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Hello, Mastodonites! I was looking for a FB alternative and landed here.

I'm interested in a lot of random stuff. It's no wonder I never get anything done.

-friendly (language)

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Hi everybody,
Though am little confused about using this new Social Media, but still am looking forward to learn more about it,
Let me introduce myself here with all of you
Am chetan badhe from Maharashtra, India,
Agriculture graduated. Free lancer in agriculture produce..
Trying to connect farmer to consumer ....

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