It's 7:48 PM Eastern and I'm glad you are alive.

I love you.

Stress levels are higher for folks today; be kind to yourself and each other.

Remember you are loved and worthy of love; take whatever time you need to be OK today.

Today is a great day to tell someone how much you appreciate them.

Small gestures of appreciation go further than you might think.

It's 6:34 PM Eastern and I'm glad you're alive.

Thanks for being here with me.

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I'm teaching a soldering class at H.O.P.E.

This is a great beginners kit designed by me with the help of @Blenster . Come out and learn some valuable hacker skills!

Kits are available for $10 in person or online at


Just ordered the boards for 250 free soldering kits for defcon thanks to a generous and anonymous donor!

Find me around DEFCON NextGen or wandering around defcon.

See you there!

Hey friend. Did you forget to eat a meal today?

I did!

Make sure you get enough water to drink too! (I did! Kidney stones made me very water conscious)

Be good to yourself.

It's 9:25 PM Eastern and I'm glad you're alive.

Thank you for being here with me.

@horse oh; did you like my opening joke?

It made me giggle at least.

@horse I like to explain the HOW and WHY of the process so people know what to look for as they learn.

@horse I was super excited but huge work meeting today with multiple demos so here I am...

Good morning gorgeous! How are you today?

Big day today; let's go get this together! You got this!

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Wearable maker fam - Reinvented Magazine, a non-profit working on expanding gender equity in STEM is holding their first STEM fashion show fundraiser and are looking for STEM inspired wearables to auction to support their programs! Their programs include princesses with power tools, the first print magazine featuring women and non-binary folk in STEM and they create free STEM resources for educators of Title 1 schools!
If you'd like to donate your work, please hmu. I'm at Teardown all weekend 💜

It's 8:15 AM Eastern and I'm glad you're alive.

Thanks for being here with me.

Today can be a complicated day for many; please keep in mind that some folks are having a different type of day then typical.

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Attending a panel at #opensauce featuring @Jorvon_Moss and some other YouTube robot builders. Jayy is looking snazzy wearing his robot Digit and the clock jacket I pimped out for him!

@joeycastillo @crowdsupply of course it was worth it!

Sounds like a fantastic day.

Have you ever given a hug that saved a life? Some other small act of kindness that helped someone through a tough time?

Most times we never know how deep an impact we've had; sometimes we get to learn later.

Be kind; you never know how you might help someone.

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