"I'm going home to play a video game!"

Me: Goes home and opens KiCAD instead.

After a nice long fight I finally got a customized footprint in KiCAD with different geometries on different layers to work correctly.

They were originally designed in an older program that didn't care much about rules and it took several tries to make this work.

So happy now.

I just want to give a shout out to my friends at
@MakeAugusta for being super awesome manufacturing partners. Knowledgeable, kind, straightforward, and willing to help so much more than you'd think.

Absolutely amazing folks. Happy to be working with them again.

Trying out the new @kicad 7.0 pre-release candidate and I'm super excited about the new features.

Helping a local inventor with his project for some practice time.

I bought myself a @hakkousa desoldering gun and I gotta say it's absolutely fantastic and I wish I could have afforded it years ago:

Spending the day in KiCAD playing around with a couple of projects I'm about ready to order boards for and one I'm going to get the basics sorted for a quote.

Of course I made some homemade artisanal bread while I'm down here helping my brother out; his oven is a little different than mine. This looks burned in the image but in person it's not bad; still I think his oven is around 3 minutes faster than mine.

Somewhere in my house are the two RP2040 microcontrollers but I cannot find them...

Anyone else watch this episode of the show @fcain does and wonder if you could be his "handy friend" who gets to build a telescope with him?

I mean I know it's not me but I'd totally be down for that.


Helped my friend with a plasma pistol cosplay prop with an Arduino nano controlling some APA102 LEDs in two strips of 10 side by side.

It animates a slow-to-fast forward sweep along a color axis from blue green to a more teal with increasing brightness until it reaches full brightness and speed which is flashes through 10 times before flashing all the LEDs as if it fired.

I'll post a video of the animation later; not sure how well that description works.

Do you like wearable LEDs? My friends made this: luxlavalier.com/

You should see it animated! Beautiful necklace.

It's a wonderful morning to read datasheets and listen to music; today's mission: find a suitable LED driver for my current project.

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