It was a rough weekend; buried her in the family spot for our beloved pets. Did 4 loads of laundry and started cleaning the house.

Decided to wear a nice Kenneth Cole shirt today and a cowboy bebop hat.

It's noon Saturday here and I'm delighted to see you! I hope y'all have a fantastic day today.

Remember to be kind to yourself and each other; the world is still rather a lot to deal with.

Well what did you think I'd ask a chatbot about?

The advice is pretty good in this case.

meat bbq 

Once they reached 200 F internal they were wrapped in towels and placed in a cooler to rest for at least 1-2 hours:

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meat bbq 

After the bark was finished it was time to wrap them in foil and cook until 200 F internal:

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meat bbq 

It has begun!

I got up early because to properly smoke and rest these pork shoulders for pulled pork it's going to be 8-10 hours:

Today marks 15 years since I brought her home from the shelter:

On the other hand this damascus Bird and Trout can be had for $350 now:

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Not for sale; this English Bowie belongs to my Mom but you can order something similar for around $1,800:

I bought myself a @hakkousa desoldering gun and I gotta say it's absolutely fantastic and I wish I could have afforded it years ago:

Well nuts; my favorite Hakko tweezers have tweezered their last tweeze:

Here's the front and back of a cosplay project board I designed for a friend:

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While I'm here might as well fix this one before it breaks too!

If one broke it's a good idea to inspect the others and look for weaknesses like this:

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On the plus side I finally figured out why my tire isn't holding air; on the negative side it's due to a crack on the inside of the wheel:

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