@freemo I have some empathy for the situation Eugen finds himself in, but caving to Nazis is never a good idea (not to mention, never the ethical choice).

@BobKerns @freemo
In theory whether you're literally in his good books shouldn't matter in a fully decentralised federated architecture. Too much emphasis on smacks of centralisation. Break free and set up the best science server.


@arinbasu @freemo The reason this matters is that the joinmastodon list is not itself federated, but it is what people encounter when they wish to join.

I would not have found it if I had joined a few days later.

And I wouldn’t have been happy with any of the choices I was presented with. That’s not good for the , and it’s not good for people fleeing Twitter. Often is exactly the right place for them.

@arinbasu @freemo (I have plugged qoto on Twitter, and I plan to do so again soon).

@BobKerns @freemo

True. I joined qoto several years ago, when none of these blocks happened. You're spot on, that one cannot find these instances otherwise but here is the thing: it doesn't have to be this way that joinmastodon does not need to play the gatekeeper.

@arinbasu @freemo My promoting on Twitter is one way to bypass the gatekeeping, and I encourage others to do so as well.

An alternate curated list would also be possible, but a lot of work, and you’d have to find a way to get it front of people who just know “mastodon” and type it into their search bar.

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