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From 2023, W3C is its own legal entity (“W3C Inc”).
What's new, you ask? Well, it's a big change, as until this year, W3C wasn't a thing in itself. It existed in a “hosted model”, meaning (most recently) four universities “hosted” W3C, with staff being employed by/through those universities. Three of those universities (all except MIT) are still around, now as ”partner”.

Haben wir unser Immun­system die letzten Jahre verhätschelt? Wurde es geschwächt durch Corona­virus und Masken­tragen? Ein paar Erklärungen, wie unsere Abwehr funktioniert.

Ex-Apple-Chefdesigner Jony Ive zeigt der Welt die rote Nase

Nach Computer und Smartphone hat Jony Ive das Design der roten Clownsnase revolutioniert. Warum der frühere Apple-Chefdesigner jetzt Nasen gestaltet.

#Apple #news

And when using austrian-journal-of-development-studies.csl from it does not quite fit.

So of it goes to @true_mxp to make it fit by putting parenthesis somewhere else

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And how would’ve guessed it?

It is a mess, ahm, a “hybrid,” apparently.

Please, why do people do this and not either use an existing one or at least provide one if you really have to invent one

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I should carefully format the list of references as can be seen from some examples. Which look, hm, mixed, somehow?

So I asked ChatGPT

Amazing: One has to read other people’s work to discover your own published (!) ideas from 10 years ago.

Thanks to @rw007 for your paper on systems

1x täglich immer die neuesten Nachrichten! Jetzt das Postillon-E-Mail-News-Update (gratis!) abonnieren

So OpenAI just released a detector of AI-generated text, I assume because of concerns in education / homework.

Maybe this is good?

No, it's very bad.

They claim 26% true positives, 9% false positives. Assume 10% of submitted homework is chatgpt generated, you get the classic counterintuitive outcome of poor predictive power: if a homework is flagged, there's a 3:1 chance it's *human* generated.

This is going to cause a lot of harm. It should be immediately recalled.

"Instead of “playing” with #ChatGPT (cough, nota toy, cough) in your class you could play the Data, Privacy, and Identity game developed by Jeannie Crowley, Ed Saber, and Kenny Graves"

This is just one idea I've curated and published in "Prior to (or instead of) using ChatGPT with your students" a new post on my personal blog

#EdTech #FacDev #Privacy

OK, the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg wanted to simultaneously fill "6 Open Topic W3-Professuren im Themenfeld Digital Humanities and Digital Social Studies", application deadline was 2021-05-23. Sounded bold and ambitious, so especially disappointing to learn that the appointment process has been stopped for strategic-structural reasons.
Time it took to come to this decision: one-and-a-half years, so almost not slow for a German university :)

And in case this post wasn't clear: I'm all-in on large language models: they confidently pass my personal test for if a piece of technology is worth learning:

"Does this let me build things that I could not have built without it?"

What I find interesting is that - on the surface - they look like they solve a lot more problems than they actually do, partly thanks to the confidence with which they present themselves

Figuring out what they're genuinely good for is a very interesting challenge

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Eine Wolke, die "Regen!" ruft und damit zu mehr Bewegung motiviert. Ein Feststecker, den nur ausstöpseln kann, wer auf der Leitung steht. Eine Portion Beratkartoffeln für mehr Tschakka im Leben. Feine Dösaromen fürs Abendessen. Tropfen gegen Kopfschüttelfrust: 30 Stück, 3x täglich. Ein Zeugnis voller Fußnoten (links besser als rechts).


Eine künstliche Intelligenz, die schreibt – wird der Mensch als Au­to­r:in bald überflüssig sein?!5909029/

I think all of you folks who think AI is coming for coders' jobs underestimate the extent to which the greatest problems in programming and computer science come from the fact that one of the most fundamentally hard things is actually specifying the problem to begin with.

I've had to reverse engineer and try to magically interpret people's terrible/non-existent requirements because THEY didn't understand the problem they wanted solved for more of my career than anything else, and AI can only work from its priors.

If you can't define the problem, you can't get AI to try and predict a solution for it.

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