What I find interesting, is that in India, there isn't a social norm of moving out of parent's house after 18, unlike many other countries.
Maybe because of the large population leading to high rates of housing.
I guess, that's another reason why our Desi parents want us to act like grown-ups but treat us like babies at the same time.


@_lunawinters do you know , we only grown-up when there is talk about our marriage in house. . rest of all the time we are just kids .... we don't even no how to eat...

@Chetanbadhe even after the marriage, parents will poke us for a grandchild. Well, privacy गयी भाड़ में

@_lunawinters @Chetanbadhe it sucks that they gaslight us with this guilt feeling each time we feel rebellious enough to do anything.

@Tallymark90 @Chetanbadhe yes. When we confront them, they make us feel like we are brats, stupid and useless.

@_lunawinters @Chetanbadhe And the worst part, we aren't even rebellious. We just want to live. By our own terms. And that is looked down. Sucks!!

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