South Devon Tech Jam
Saturday 10th April 2021
11:00 to 15:00 (approx)
South Devon Tech Jam BBB room

As not everyone wants to use Meetup then please feel free to e-mail for details

Debian 10.8 was released this week, this means that Debian 11 is not far away, there is still time toget involved and help test the next major release. Please see

For more information


Next Linux user group meeting

Saturday 20th Feb
12:00 on jitsi. video chat

Please see

For further information.

If I click on Home, from the @DCGLUG I get the following

Is this working properly ?

Interesting article on Gordon Hendersons website, a look at Teletype machines

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@DCGLUG @ctonysem

Basically I just followed the official manual to start my instance:


You can set up the server itself quite easily. Maybe a tricky part is to find a reliable SMTP server and set up an usable email address, which is required to verify your account etc.

As I have used a mail hosting by fortunately, I created a mail address there this time too.

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Moved my account from @ctonysem. Now all of my accounts on #fediverse were moved to the server which I manage by myself.

Raspberry Pi Coolest Projects

Get creative with code and enter the Coolest Projects.

Online showcase! Registration opens on Monday 1 February.

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Download our recent whitepaper for detailed insights and step by step instructions on how to integrate Ubuntu Desktop into Active Directory.

bot list:

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@waltercool @skyblond @zleap Minetest is a game engine rather than a single game. The default game is intentionally left simple so it can be used as a base for modding.

You can find games and mods on the official content store

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If anyone is not sure what Matrix is there is a explanation from a 2020 talk from the PLUG ( Perth Linux Users Group )

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