Muting @DecaturNature for continually putting political content behind a CW.

@Pat @DecaturNature Hm, seems you are at odds with some zealots demanding just that.
I personally prefer no CW, but i would not fault those that are bullied into it. Stomp the bullies, i say!


@admitsWrongIfProven @Pat Commenting on the actions of elected officials is largely a waste of time, but sometimes I feel compelled to do so. Out of respect for the people who don't want to get dragged into that nonsense and scroll past long, irrelevant rants (especially those outside of the US), I put a content wrapper around posts about US politics with a succinct subject line.

@admitsWrongIfProven @Pat The only thing that is a bigger waste of time than politicians are people who get offended when they can't dictate every aspect of culture. They can go back to crying over changes to children's books.

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