@Demosthenes I am a big fan of responsible gun ownership. Lovely piece you have there. Here is my baby.

@Demosthenes Even better its Nato 5.56.. Remember Nato 5.56 is the same size as 0.223 so this gun can fire the more powerful Nato 5.56 rounds but can also safely fire the slightly less powerful .223 rounds.

@freemo neat! I'm thinking about getting a .300 blackout upper for mine since I deer hunt. Yours looks damn fine though

@Demosthenes Nice, I'm not a hunter. Could never kill an animal. Only reason i can eat meat at all is because I dont have to kill it. I have tried being vegetarian before but i couldnt do it as it was hard to maintain for health reasons.

@freemo I don't blame you. The activity of hunting is fun, but the actual killing of the animal is tough.
I've had family members take a camera and "shoot" pictures of them. If you ever get a hankering to hunt without the killing, it's an option.

@Demosthenes I love every aspect of hunting right up until the poor thing gets hurt.. So I could totally dig the whole camera instead of a gun thing.

"haiku たわわ" 

@freemo @Demosthenes

Bad Chinese optic,
Buy it on AliExpress, huh?
Forty dollars, gross.

re: "haiku たわわ" 

@freemo @Demosthenes

Both optics are bad.
Will not last, or hold zero.
Buy once, Cry once friend.
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