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Anyone here have experience with night vision? I'll be receiving a Gen 2 PVS14 military-grade night vision monocle soon and was wondering what it's like.

US politics/war 

This is like a slow motion fucking movie. I feel validated for getting ammo and magazines earlier in the pandemic, but I REALLY was hoping to look like a fool for this.

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US politics/war 

Donald Trump Jr has now tweeted "the best thing for America's future is for Trump to go to total war over this election."

US politics 

Neither Trump nor Biden will back down. Every American needs to have emergency supplies on hand and be ready for supply chain and cell/internet disruption.

Election gloom 

This is the most dangerous election outcome: a narrow Trump lead. Regardless of if you are for or against him, you should recognize that the shit is hitting the fan.
If you read this and don't have food and water on hand, get some. There will likely be some regions that will face havoc.

It is exceedingly apparent on sites like 4chan that deescalation psyop campaigns are running at 110% to deescalate tensions in the US. It makes me wonder what kind of campaigns are run in the Fediverse.

PBS Kids teaches Mexican culture and accents more than American. Why is this subsidized? "The virus alone 100% could get though a mask. If this is so then how does it provide actual protection? All it takes is one particle to infect you."

Anything less effective than an N95 mask will not provide full protection. The cheap masks are mostly about catching the large mucus particles and getting you to touch your nose less. Also, severity of the illness is a function of initial viral load. If you reduce the amount of virus you're initially exposed to, you reduce your illness severity.

"Must we social distance ourselves from our friends, co-workers, loved ones, and friends?"

The extent at which you isolate is a function of your risk tolerance. Just know that if you get sick, you could unintentionally infect those around you. If all of you know that risk and accept it then so be it.

"Humans have survived eons without having to wear diapers on our face for in case shit happens."

We lived for eons without washing our hands after shitting too, but we learned not to. Regardless, we will have a vaccine too that will largely make the masks unnecessary.

What do you think the chances are of widespread conflict on or around the US election?

Plant thread. Show your plants! This is an avocado tree that we're growing from an avocado from the grocery store.

What's the best switch game besides BoTW and Animal Crossing?

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death sends a chill down my spine. If Republicans cram though a right-wing appointee, it's going to drastically increase the chances of widespread conflict in the coming weeks.

What is the logic behind thinking a fart joke is immature?

It's working!! While the market has seen an 8% increase in the last few days, my bot has made a 16% increase in the test funds!!

I kind of assume that most posts with a generic female anime profile pic that post about absolutely nothing are either bots or members of a three letter agency.

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