I consider myself somewhat of a sardine conniseur. I regularly get them, as well as oysters and occasionally anchovies and canned crab.
It is my professional opinion that this brand of sardines is the best I've ever had. It had olives and spices in it that turned me 80% Italian for 20 minutes. Would recommend.

@freemo any idea why the federated timeline is showing such old toots? Is anyone else seeing this?

I've had this night vision monocle for a few days now and can safely say that in a SHTF scenario, it's a complete game changer. I'm able to easily navigate by starlight alone. In the woods, I can see camps and vehicles miles away.

US politics/war 

Donald Trump Jr has now tweeted "the best thing for America's future is for Trump to go to total war over this election."

Plant thread. Show your plants! This is an avocado tree that we're growing from an avocado from the grocery store.

And here is a pic of the post when it's clicked on

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@fedilab@toot.fedilab.app there seems to be this bug where hashtags don't show on posts until you click on the post(ignore the post content, it's irrelevant)

This is my family with my cryptocurrency trading bot, lol

In fedilab, I made a list and can't get rid of it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Now this is a real man's drink. Not that "beer" filth, it may as well be horse urine.

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