@FailForward this is known. Corticosteroids are powerfully antianflammitory, but they also suppress the immune system. A lot of the ARDS caused by COVID is by the immune system causing lung inflammation. It has been known this whole time that steroid use is a balancing act between symptom alleviation and immune system suppression.

@dv8 your confidence is infectious. Would you accept $50 million for 10% ownership?

@0x0f I tried this strategy once. Lost nearly half my seed money and had a ton of fun. Can recommend.

@freemo @valleyforge "[increased fuel tax] would be a much better, more efficient solution in every way"

@freemo @valleyforge making oil less economical than other energy sources is the only way to actually drive widespread change. There are multiple ways to make oil use more expensive.

@valleyforge @freemo that would be a much better, more efficient solution in every way, but I'm not sure it's politically possible in the USA.

@freemo the amount of oil mined is heavily influenced by the profit margins available in the market. Are you saying that oil moved without the pipeline is cheaper than oil moved with it?

@freemo blocking the pipeline means less economical fossil fuels, which will aid in the transition to renewable energies. CO2 accumulation will be far more important in the long run than just spilled oil.

@binyamin why would Windows talk about itself like that? True or not, it's not a good mindset

Black and white photography can give you a false sense of distant history, but it's striking to consider that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 are actually are younger than the colour Polaroid, first sold in 1963.

@eee @maximilien ridiculous and pointless. Such blatant racism has no place here.

@DrChris +1 on adblockers. I prefer ublock origin but there are many

@Untersuchende their goal is to facilitate speech that is advertiser-friendly

Left wing people: self-conscious bundles of social anxiety
Right wing people: blissfully ignorant

@freemo it doesn't get me followers IRL unfortunately, though my wife is used to it by now

The ethos "toot quickly, toot often" is applicable both inside and outside of Mastodon.

@a_lizard not boring, just tiring. Lots of people take offense to the most inane things, but to remain silent about their ridiculousness is to give them power.

A good example of this is a comment you made about me wrt pronouns. You implied that not having pronouns in my bio is somehow offensive, but you just didn't like that I don't have tribal signals that mirror your own. Pretty silly.

@a_lizard yeah pretty much, lol. It's funny to me that someone could unironically find outrage in Minecraft :)

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