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I guess I should do an #Introduction too, then.

I'm a professional editor who may or may not be working for #BigPublishing, and who definitely is expressing all #editorial opinions publishers don't like to hear.

Strong feelings on #OpenScience & #ResearchIntegrity, nuanced opinions on editorial work.

Often tooting with #OverlyHonestEditor and related hashtags.

Whilst I'm on #introductions, I'm also an author. Never thought I'd say that, but here we are.

I wrote "Managing Your Mental Health During Your PhD:A Survival Guide" because I struggled during my own PhD. I felt worthless and experienced a range of emotions, feeling suicidal at times, and wanting to quit. So I decided I wanted to create a resource for others that might be struggling.

You can buy/read it #AcademicChatter #PhD #PhDProgram

Hi #science community! My #introduction post as we migrate from 🐦 to 🐘: I’m a fourth-year PhD student at Northeastern studying organic matter dynamics and interactions with microbial communities in salt marshes! I feel like the twitter community really cemented my belief that I belong in science, so hopefully we can build a supportive community here too 💕

Hey all - #introduction to Mastodon. I run a #neuroscience research lab at the University of Minnesota. I’m interested in how the brain creates motivation. If I end up posting here you will also see my cats.

If you’re attending the Society for Neuroscience conference next week, we have a ton of cool posters in the Wed AM session. If this kind of thing interests you get in touch! We’re recruiting off of a couple new research grants for 2023.

As a few others are posting: DMs on Mastodon are... not great. For a variety of reasons beyond just the privacy issues. Just something people will need to get used to here. We should be using Signal anyway...

Protip: if you see nasty and hateful content from a server that supports that kind of content, block the entire server by pressing this.

Mastodon habits I'm trying to lock in, rather than revert to my Twitter habits:

1) use CWs liberally
2) when threading, set first post to "public" and the rest to "not listed"
3) don't forget the description text when posting images (had to work on that in Twitter too)
4) throw in hashtags like it was Tumblr or Instagram when you want to reach beyond your followers
5) pin and visit hashtags to find more people
6) boost a lot

Ok fediverse, I need you.
Does anybody know of any archaeological / historical museums or sites that are on here? Even a bot would be welcome! Preferable in the #Netherlands, #Belgium, #UK or #Germany.
My main interest and focus is the Roman era!
#archaeology #archeologie #archäologie #history #geschiedenis #historie #geschichte #museum #Romans #Romeinen #Römer #Nederland #Niederlande #België #Belgien #Deutschland #Duitsland #Lego

Giving my post a boost would be marvelous! 🧡

Hey, y’all. My name is Chris. I’m a geoscientist, working for the engineering company Jacobs. I’m from Derby, but currently based near Manchester, on the side of the Peak District, which allows me to do two things I really like; running and cycling. When not messing fiddling with the Earth, I’m usually found discussing social justice issues with a pint. I’m the woke Black man that your granny warned you about…

Hi Mastodon community! I am a MRC Investigator and group leader at the MRC Human Genetics Unit at the University of Edinburgh. Very glad to be here...

A certified '#cellbiology on an organismal scale' fanatic- we believe seeing is believing! We ❤️ hacking ways to 'see' biology happen in real time across scales in health and disease!

Imaging addict. Genome wrangler. Developmental biologist at heart.

#cilia #centrioles #genetics #Science #genomesurgery #raredisease

Reposting some of my favourite old memes from the bird site!

If you’re a UK-based early career woman scientist who would benefit from £15k to accelerate your independent career, the L’Oréal For Women in Science award is for you!
More info here:
Apply by 02/12. I’m happy to discuss your application and be your cheerleader. #WomenInSTEM

Introducing @pauldauenhauer -- Paul is a chemical engineer at the University of Minnesota. Welcome!

Some further thoughts on my Mastodon experience: it has made me step back and reevaluate how social media should operate. We built entire communities on Twitter but were ultimately treated like a product for trade. It does not have to be like this.

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Hi folks. I'm a #compchem doing force field development at a drug discovery company, and I mostly shitpost about QM (#DFT, CCSD(T), etc), molecular dynamics, programming, and general industry-research-feelings.

I also post about my hobbies -- #cosplay, #LARP, and once a year flood my timeline with #dragoncon science-track stuff.

With all the dopamine I get back from quitting the birb site, I managed to publish two blog posts in a week:

1. How I plan to change my usage of social media

2. How I moved to a country I know is terrible but am here anyway

New here, and excited to see the buzz 🦣

I am a #DevPsych asst prof working on emerging #multilingualism and #multisensory processing at NTU in Singapore. Director of BLIP Lab (Brain, Language and Intersensory Perception). Twoots about #OpenScience #HigherEd #Neuro #SciComms #Lang #Ling #Ethics #OER #WEIRDbias and the #HiddenCurriculum

Same handle @suzyjstyles on the other site

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