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that's the discussion worth having imo. what's the best way to gather data and who can best prove they are doing that? how do we help that occur with money and oversight?

we fear admitting that the "other side" has a point or criticizing our own. we care more about acceptance from our tribe than truth. that makes perfect sense evolutionarily, but so does a lot of reprehensible things. society requires most of us to rise above that. difficulty has just gone up cause of the web/socials.

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I always leave my phone on silent.

Me answering a phone call is a privilege, not a right.

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@uisce embedded programming for sure. i always loved the coursework in university where we did anything close to the hardware, and i've done some of my own "embedded" projects. maybe i should revive some of those on of these days

aside: to be honest I have no idea how I even got into this role since I have literally 0 projects/work/experience in devops apart from writing a few docker/ci scripts

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To understand, what Krakauer means with “regularised randomness” and “frozen accidents”, read


by Murray Gell-Mann, 1995


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hhhmmm... still haven't quite figured out mastodon..?

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you WILL effortpoast you WILL have no one bother to read it and you WILL like it

what's on my mind is why social media is so interested in what is on people's minds and not what is in their hearts?
Also, why am I again finding myself, staring at screen again, while my lover is less then 2 minutes walk from this seat and would be happy to have me home :-)
bye for now.
what's in your heart?

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