At 9:30 am on March 10th, an old man suddenly collapsed in the vegetable market at Zhongnan Food Market (Hedong Fourth Bridge), Lucheng District, Zhuzhou, Hunan Province

@kravietz @freemo @elia tiny differences at that level are huge...I'm going to stand with popular science on this and say the origin is still unknown and the virus seems to have come from animals however, there are also some suspicious elements to the virus that warrant investigations...which is what China, for some reason, is trying to avoid.

@kravietz @freemo @elia I'm not a medical doctor and I have no idea what any of that means...I'm sorry

@freemo @namark you are killing my interneting here...sometimes I just say that to keep things rolling 🤷‍♂️


@freemo @namark
@elia I wasn't too seriously, you're right about not understanding China though

@freemo @namark @elia they could google it before defending the communist party of china...that's what I would do, so I dont look foolish on the internet by defending and even praising the communist party of China with whataboutism

@namark @freemo @elia why dont you try griping about crimes against humanity or religious oppression?

@namark @freemo @elia I dont know, personally I would risk getting close to one of those things just to prove something to some stranger on the internet. Besides it's an older video, it was a good performer on twitter and I was just seeing how the hashtags would work on this app...seemed to have drawn out a super uncomfortable amount of pro communism commenters.

@kravietz @freemo @elia
The state owns the would that undermine their business? Have you checked the population in China? Also you can google the quality of universities in China...they are a joke, which is why anyone with money has their children educated abroad.

@namark @freemo @elia so you would be happy if I just removed that one word? That would make it okay in your eyes?

@namark @freemo @elia because we dislike our government and it should be the right of the chinese people to address their own matters of state without having to explain ourselves to westerns who under similar circumstances forged their own governments...

I hope that's a clear enough answer.

@freemo @namark @elia hahahaha, that's a great way to get never heard from again.

I wont be doing that, he is welcome to, he can even sing the praise of the communist party in the streets of wuhan, the people will love him for it and he would be a national star overnight in China...I mean why wouldn't so many reputable public figures stand up for China and how great it's doing? They could all be stars too.

I would like to see a report of someone using their own white face to say how great China is...that video would go viral, I recommend him to do that...I'm sure many westerns would support his affirmation towards communism

@kravietz @freemo @elia @post I'm sorry, I would need to see a publication from a non bias source. That university can't report findings that are not in line with the state agenda...I'm not alone in opinion either, no reputable academic would honour a citation from a chinese university on a politically sensitive matter.

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