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Forgot to add to our first post!

IMPACTT is a Canadian microbiome research core focused on supporting the Canadian and International microbiome research communities.

We run , , a program, and an annual dedicated to furthering .

We also highlight job opportunities within the research sphere, so tag us in your posts!

Congrats to our Director/Platform 1 Lead Dr. Kathy McCoy and our Platform 4 Co-Lead Dr. Ian Lewis on this new publication: "Microbiota alters the metabolome in an age-and sex-dependent manner in mice." Read the full article here:

Our Workshop is filling up fast! Space is very limited and our travel award applications are due April 1, so apply today:

Tomorrow is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Learn more about the incredible women on our IMPACTT team by going to our IMPACTT Interviews page:

I'm defending my PhD and ✨you're invited✨! Join for a non-traditional talk about art 🎨, justice ✊🏽, and community 🌿in STEM (plus nectar microbes 🦠🌼!!). Art exhibit + hands-on workshop after!
👉🏽Fri Feb 17th from 1-2:30 PM PT
RSVP here:

RT @gilbertjacka
Indigenous Knowledge and the Microbiome—Bridging the Disconnect between Colonized Places, Peoples, and the Unseen Influences That Shape Our Health and Well-Being | mSystems


The 9th Annual Canadian Conference on Epigenetics will take place November 13-16, 2023 at the Banff Centre in spectacular Banff, Alberta.

Stay tuned to this space for more information in the coming months.

NEW WORKSHOP: IMPACTT and have teamed up to organize the CBW-IMPACTT Microbiome Analysis Workshop, happening July 5-7, 2023 at the University of Calgary, right before our symposium! Apply today:

REGISTRATION IS OPEN for our Having IMPACTT 3: Advancing Microbiome Research Symposium! Go to our website to learn more and register today, and don't forget to submit your abstract while you're there:

WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: Our next Gnotobiotic Workshop is happening May 4-5, 2023 at the University of Calgary! Registration is open and space is extremely limited so click the link to apply today:


Congrats to our Platform 2 Co-Lead
Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta + all co-authors on this new perspective article in Nature! Click the link to read more about the debate around the presence (or absence) of a fetal microbiome:

Congratulations to IMPACTT mentee Dr. Heather Armstrong, Platform 3 Lead Dr. Karen Madsen, & all co-authors on making the cover of the Feb 2023 issue of Gastroenterology! Read the full article here:

Science life 2023 starts with an overnight train ride to the #MICROB-PREDICT meeting in #Budapest.
Three days of discussions and updates on the #gut-liver axis as well as contacts with colleagues and friends lie ahead!

#phdlife #microbiome #travel #nighttrain #liverdisease

Learn about colors and #rstats—and support #Ukraine! 💙💛

I am giving a 2h workshop on "Color Palette Choice and Customization in R and #ggplot2"

📅 Thursday, Jan 26th
🕓 5 pm – 7 pm CET
💸 min. 20 EUR / 20 USD

Register here:

The session is part of the "Workshops for Ukraine" initiative by Dariia Mykhailyshyna. Check out all the other available workshops! 🔥

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