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An all-women team of four marine biologists, including #SFUBioSci prof Isabelle Côté @redlipblenny is preparing to row 5,000 km across the Atlantic Ocean in December, a journey that will take 40-60 days.

Their Salty Science voyage aims to raise $500,000 for three marine conservation organizations. #biology #marinebiology #womeninscience #sfu

Today is #WomenInScience Day. I would like to thank all the great female scientists I have met. My first academic advisor in my undergraduate program was a female microscopist who sincerely cared about the impact of her research. She commercialized the first high resolution optical endoscopy system in China and is actively collaborating with biologists to discover new science. I was encouraged by her to pursue my PhD in the United States, which would be a life-changing experience for me.

Researchers @mpicbg, #mpipks & at the Center for Systems Biology Dresden show that mechanical structures within tubules that transport bile fluid could protect the whole tubular network against elevated pressure. Publication by Maarten Bebelman, Matthew Bovyn from the labs of Marino Zerial and Pierre Haas. #cellbiology #mpicbg

Are you interested in cell adhesion, mechanobiology, cell signaling, morphogenesis or their relevance to development and disease? The 2023 Cell Contact and Adhesion Gordon Conference
is coming up June25-30 1/6

Want to work at the intersection of morphometry and representation learning for bioimage analysis?

We have TWO open postdoctoral positions! Each comes with its own challenging biological question, unique dataset, and exceptional team of collaborators!

Details below👇

New paper from the Zerial Lab!

My colleagues and I have shown that apical projections across the bile canaliculi are load-bearing structures. These structures contribute to sustaining the anisotropic of the nascent tube under increased intraluminal during . These structures are supported by adherens and sealed by tight junctions.
I believe only @nunopmartins is here but if I am mistaken please tag any other author.

Hi #ScienceMastodon, time for an #introduction!

I'm an #EvoDevo biologist interested in how tissue #mechanics influences the #evolution of #morphogenesis. I study a deep and mysterious epithelial invagination that forms at the head-trunk boundary of #flies during #gastrulation, known as the #CephalicFurrow (see video below!). Currently, based in Germany as a postdoc in the Tomancak Lab at MPI-CBG. Looking forward to meeting you!

#DevBio #mechanobiology #microscopy #lightsheet #embryos

Interesting #preprint with a far-reaching conclusion: away from cell adhesions, #membrane-to-cortex attachment can regulate the #mechanics of #cells by changing the space available for #actin binders.

#biophysics #cellbiology

I had a very interesting discussion about with Jack, a 9-year-old from the UK. He has surprisingly tricky questions and a refreshing perspective.
In this exchange, we discussed , , , , and some principles of .
He's doing a about perspectives in various fields, you can find it here:

Together with the Zechner lab we have pushed live-cell quantitative lipid biochemistry to the single cell level. It works - but some lipids are weird. 🤓
Let us know what you think!

If you're hearing a lot about the fediverse these days, you should know: Mastodon is not the whole fediverse and the fediverse is not simply a Twitter replacement. The fediverse is an entire ecosystem, built on something called ActivityPub. Learn more:

Hello everyone,

After digging a bit on Mastodon for the 1st time, I guess it’s time for a little #science #introduction.

I’m a postdoc at the #IBDM, where I am studying the effect of #oncogenes overexpressed in #hepatocellularcarcinoma.

Passionate by #CellBiology and #Cellcommunication, I studied #adhesivesmolecules function in #cellmigration and #cellinvasion in #pancreaticcancer during my PhD.

Always happy to discuss about #Actin #Cytoskeleton, #ECM remodelling & so many others things 🙃

Applications for the Embryology Course at the MBL Woods Hole are open! If you or someone you know wants to learn Developmental Biology from very cool people and get your hands on over 100 species (from sponges, jellyfishes, small worms, big worms, through fishes, frogs, chicken, or mice), apply! Scholarships are always available, lodging and food included. If you have any Q about it, reach out to me #DevBio #DevBiol #Embryology #Microscopy #CellBio #BlackInBio #FirstGen

Hey, @elonmusk @Twitter @twittersupport or whoever is in charge: this was a service to a scientific community. If you goal is to drive away scientists from Twitter, you just got a step closer.

The future of #multispectral #imaging (and very nice images!) If you are acquiring only 4 #channels in the #confocal, welcome to the future! @Nature Congrats to the authors!


RT please!

We have *postdoc positions available* in the areas of neurodegeneration and cancer research. We are thinking about how the physical properties of cells and the mechanical properties of tissues impact these diseases. For more information:


From our current cover:
Dunn &co show that the coiled-coil protein mutated in colorectal cancer (MCC) localises to the centrosome in proliferating cells in intestinal crypts, and upon terminal differentiation, redeploys to non-centrosomal apical sites, mediated by phosphorylation of MCC by casein kinase 1δ and ε.
#cellbiology #research #centrosome #intestinalcrypt


Cell biologist, student of the #cytoskeleton, professor and dean at The Rockefeller University in #NYC.

Interested in #centrosomes, #cilia, and science #education, #outreach and #policy.

3,013 neurons, half a million synapses: the complete #connectome of the whole #Drosophila larval brain!

Winding, Pedigo et al. 2022. "The connectome of an insect brain"

We’ve mapped and analysed its circuit architecture, from sensory neurons to brain output neurons, as reconstructed from volume electron microscopy, and here is what we found. 1/

#neuroscience #connectomics #vEM #volumeEM

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