I moved back to !
Starting a with the Bellaïche lab at the @institut_curie (Sorry I brought the German weather with me.)
I'm so glad to work with again.

Metrics reloaded. "A comprehensive framework guiding researchers in the problem-aware selection of metrics."
A must-read for everyone doing in

A fly library of fluorescently labeled RhoGEF/GAP to unveil molecular mechanisms of de novo junction formation and neighbor response upon cell division.


Nuclear tension controls mitotic entry by regulating cyclin B1 nuclear translocation 

"[...] a tension-dependent signal on the that sets the time for nuclear envelope permeabilization (NEP) and mitotic entry. This signal relies on , which unfolds the nucleus during the G2-M transition, activating the stretch-sensitive on the nuclear envelope and regulating the nuclear translocation of B1.[...]"

Combinatorial interpretation of BMP and WNT allows BMP to act as a morphogen in time but not in concentration. 

"[...] varying the duration of leads to either pluripotent, mesodermal, and extraembryonic states, while varying the concentration does not cause efficient mesodermal differentiation at any dose [...] appropriately timed pulse of BMP induces to a mesodermal fate more efficiently that sustained signaling at any concentration. [...] this effect is due to a combinatorial interpretation of the applied BMP signal and induced endogenous signaling."

I came across this paper. nature.com/articles/s41587-022
"By blue-shifting the beam and separating by on/off switching, individual fluorophores bound to a strand are localized with σ = 4.7 Å, corresponding to a fraction of the fluorophore size, with only 2,000 detected ."
This image showing resolution below the size of the fluorophore leaves me speechless.
The paper features images of , , synaptic , () and

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