I started playing drums when I was 19. I'm 59 now. I've been playing drums for 40 years now. You know what that means?
I'm old. That's it. It means I'm old.

Once again Trump was running a scam and putting people's lives at risk. And who was helping him the whole time?... Fox News.
Why doesn't this surprise me?

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#maddow Hydroxychloroquine. Repeated hundreds of times by the Cult. Found, to date, to be ineffective or even dangerous. Somehow, this kind of mass...

Before I go any further...
Y'all know I absolutely f*cling hate Donald J. Trump right?

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Paul Krugman is a must read in my books.

"So Donald Trump’s name will, in a break with all previous practice, appear on the checks that will slightly mitigate the Donald Trump depression caused by the Donald Trump pandemic. Hey, we’re supposed to put his name on everything, right?

The operative word, however, is “slightly.” Those $1,200 checks, it turns out, are only a small fraction of the rescue package Congress passed a few weeks ago. And the CARES Act, in turn, fell far short of meeting the nation’s needs."


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It´s a good thing to get familiar with the way things work here, in the Fediverse. It´s a Fedration of independant systems, each supporting itself and having discretion of setting their own preferred rules.

There are places with more strict rules, some with less, some which are hellholes we best keep distance from.

So it´s good to know. 😉

Any questions, just ask.

Well. First time they had toilet paper at the local Walmart in two months. One four pack each. Yey! I'm rich!!!

"...President Donald Trump never called the coronavirus itself a "hoax," but a pro-Biden Super PAC...launched a video ad twisting Trump's words at ...

This one is " gab.com " driving me nuts.
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@LanceMason Toot menu, Block. But there is one that goes off here every night, and I have blocked it repeatedly, but it doesn't seem to work @freemo
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"'Great Lockdown' to rival Great Depression with 3% hit to global economy, says IMF Latest World Economic Outlook describes shock of coronavirus pa...

Jesus. Now he's ending funding to the World Health Organization. Which is exactly what you DON'T want to do in the middle of a world wide Pandemic.
We're going to be lucky if still alive to vote him out of office come November.
The friggin idiot....UGH!

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@LanceMason Hello, and welcome to Qoto.

Enjoy the network and all it has to offer. If you are new to using Mastodon, there's a good guide here: lifehacker.com/a-beginner-s-gu

We also have another new users guide, posted here : write.tedomum.net/rgx/suggesti

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Hi. I'm Lance. I'm new. And have no idea what I'm doing.

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