Is this a scam? I feel like a 1TB SD card for 20 bucks must be a scam? Yet the reviews are all good AND there are lots of cards not that much more expensive...

Can we rreally buy a 1tb this small and this cheap now?

@freemo Don't trust the reviews on Amazon. Recently had a seller sue me to take down a bad review. Amazon didn't give a shit.

So, they're openly allowing their reviews to be gamed by litigious scammers now.

@LouisIngenthron Was it just a threat or did it actually go to court? Thats bonkers!

@freemo I had to pay a lawyer to file a motion to dismiss. It was a meritless lawsuit meant to intimidate me, so after we filed that, they gave up.

@freemo It was an expensive item and they marked it as shipped in the system, but didn't give me a tracking number. When I asked for one, they cancelled the order.

So, I basically just posted that, mentioned how it was suspicious, and told others to look out for a possible scam.

@freemo Oh no, I know my 1A jurisprudence. I was very careful not to make any false statements of fact.

You should see the response I wrote their lawyer before they sued me proper. I tore him a new one about how meritless the threat was. I ended with something along the lines of "Is this really what you went to law school for?"

In hindsight, that may be why they went through with the lawsuit, lol.

@LouisIngenthron The thing iis even if you explicitly and knowingly lied that is still no libel or slander which has additional conditions... so even then the suit was pointless.

I would have loved to be a fly on that lawyers wall.


@freemo From what I understand, there are entire law firms that make their living sending bogus legal threats to people to take down reviews. Most folks don't lawyer up like me... they just fold. And once you delete a seller review on Amazon, it's permanent. You can't re-post or edit. So, these firms sell subscription packages to sellers. "Have a bad review? Let us know, we'll send a scary threat."

It's scum work, but there are apparently plenty of lawyers willing to abuse the law to make money πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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@LouisIngenthron honestly id imagine if you didnt fold or lawyer up and just ignore such things in most cases nothing would happen. Once it got in front of a judge and you didnt show the judge would quickly recognize there is no case and dismiss it...

Maybe im a bit naive but that is probably how id play it. I mean they cant win a lawsuite at most they **might** win an injunction for me to take down the comment.. Good luck they just spent thousands to remove a comment. Then within 24 hours id have a bot net going with 100,000 comments of spam :)

@freemo From what I understand, if you just don't show up, you're likely to get a summary judgement against you.

Now, at that point the plaintiff would have to spend even more money to try to enforce that, but still.

@LouisIngenthron Generally speaking not showing up will work against you if they have even the slightest hint of a possible case.

But as a non-lawyer with only the vaguest of clues I have to beleive that when the case is as absurd as it is here that even then not showing up would wind up with a dismisal.

I say that because if you dont show you cant argue your case, but to any half-competent judge you wouldnt need to argue your case for them to know enough to dismiss it.

@freemo From what I understand, that's the "summary" part of "summary judgement". A summary dismissal can mean they didn't even look at the merits of the case, because the judgement is based on something more procedural (like not showing up).

@LouisIngenthron Honestly only a lawyer would really know, if that is the case i think thats a pretty messed up part of our system then. A judge should at least review the merits superficially

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