Neither immigrants nor automation are 'taking our jobs'; both are expanding production and helping create new kinds of jobs.

The truth is the statistics aren't usually wrong. But more often than not people draw the exact opposite conclusion than they should from statistics because they aren't trained int he fallacies. We see this in almost every area of politics and it the central reason that democracy based politics fail, because people are really shitty at creating actionable solutions from data, even when that data seems clear.

is our best source of energy and yet it's under attack everywhere. ⚛️

Enough is enough. On 20 October 2019, pro-nuclear people will 'Stand Up for Nuclear' in dozens of cities around the world

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'Lots of presidential candidates make bold promises, but only one candidate in the 2016 presidential election offered the promise of eternal life.'

@dazai Where can 'Immortality or Bust' be watched? I haven't been able to locate it on any platforms.

'In this episode, Dr. Vamsi Mootha, an expert in mitochondrial biology and an investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, shares his breadth of knowledge on the mitochondrion organelle: its history, function, genome architecture, and his research of rare mitochondrial dysfunction.'

#longevity #lifeextension

@Nobody The Free State Project is fantastic! 🦔 See you at the Freecoast Festival next month?

Watching the feature documentary "Immortality or Bust," which follows #ZoltanIstvan and his #ImmortalityBus on the roads across America. The film is directed by Daniel Sollinger has won the Breakout Award at Raw Science Film Festival.

Zoltan visits Max More's #Alcor, Martine Rothblatt's #Terasem, Jacque Fresco's #VenusProject, and the Church of Perpetual Life in Florida. He also makes a detour on the virtual roads of the #Metaverse to speak at the Terasem Colloquium in #SecondLife.

"If, one day we can think of nothing more to do and our current activities seem pointless, we will have the option of ending our lives. Alternatively, we might change ourselves so radically that, although someone continues to live, it’s unclear that it’s us. But we cannot know in advance when we will reach that point. To throw away what may be a vastly long stretch of joyful living on the basis that forever must bring boredom and stagnation would be a terrible error." #futuristic

-- Max Moore

We hope to see Zoltán István as the 's presidential candidate once again!

Zoltan is a bold, charismatic, eloquent, and wholly novel communicator for , who'll catapult our party and vision to new heights.

All aboard the Immortality Bus!

We're putting freedom in science, health, and technology at the forefront of Commonwealth politics. 🧬🗽

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