Newbie Qoto Question: I like that qoto has quote and bookmark options, as well at the extra "..." list. But I prefer to access mastadon outside my web browser (using Mastonaut currently) and it doesn't show those options. Is there a better web app (for mac) or a trick for this? Thanks!

@MtnWaver @trinsec might be the right person to guide you on this. I generally use it from the Web Browser (Firefox). Works quite well.

@shibaprasad @trinsec Thanks. I just found the abundant Preferences options and that's helped answer a lot of questions! May not need an app after all.

@MtnWaver @trinsec Yeah! The Web Versions are pretty smooth. Both on Mobile and PC.

@shibaprasad @MtnWaver

Yes, whenever I have to use my phone to get on Qoto, I just use the website pinned to my homescreen. The site's mobile friendly and all features are available this way.

The only issue might be if you wanted a lot of notifications, I guess. But I don't want them and don't miss them. I'm on Qoto when I choose to, not the other way around. It's the sane approach anyway. ;)

@MtnWaver Those extra options are not part of the standard mastadon and so you are unlikely to find them in an app unless the fork that Qoto is using becomes a lot more mainstream.

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