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If the path to your ideal society depends on everyone agreeing to live by the rules of that society, what you have is a fantasy not a solution. The first question of social change must be how to accommodate those who don't support it.

As a professional programmer, the number one rule is "don't trust programmers". They're not mega intelligent computer wizards. We spend half our time cleaning up the mistakes of the developers that came before us, and the other half making mistakes for future devs to clean up.

“I’ll miss this place,” the graduating senior says.

“You’ll see it again.” I smile. “In dreams, whenever you have anxiety. It won’t be exactly the same… That’s why you’ll be lost. And late for class. Then realize you haven’t attended all year. There’s a test.”


“You haven’t studied.”

Note to self: It sometimes is useful to read the documentation 😁

Do not seize the day. This will startle the day and may cause it to becomes aggressive and give you a nasty bite.

Instead approach the day calmly without making eye contact, pet it gently, and slowly enfold it in a careful embrace

If the day shows any signs of resistance to being engaged with, it is likely to turn on you. Back off and return to bed.

For those calling for defederation of the .UA (Ukrainian) instances, know this:

Today is the anniversary of the war, and they have been experiencing Russian intel ops against their servers... moreover today than normal.

They are banning these accounts when they reveal themselves, but they are also in areas where power may not be consistent. They deserve more grace right now than most ever do.

I've been wondering how long it would take for this argument to be made in a forced birth state...

#Florida Woman Seeks Jail Release On Behalf Of Illegally Detained Fetus

"'I am asserting the right of someone who is a person who has not been considered in the decision to incarcerate his mother.'” - attorney, William Norris


Because a friend found this useful yesterday:
Before tackling a problem, figure out whether it's the sort of problem where when you've solved 80% of the problem, you've solved 80% of the problem, or the kind where solving 80% means you've solved 0% of the problem.

This is especially important in security and privacy because that last 5% might be impossible.

My favourite *practical* use of a (non-t xtbook) monad in #haskell is xmonad. What's yours?

(Boosts appreciated)

The problem is a lack of calculus for conditionals. Yes we can easily calculate values from conditional formulas, but we have no way to characterized their behavior. No way to derived proofs when there is an "if" in the formula.

There is a fields medal and 50 years worth of mathematical and scientific advancements locked up behind a calculus for conditionally branching equations.

I think that the story of the Eastern Ohio train derailment is not getting the national coverage an even of this magnitude deserves. Ignoring events like this when they occur away from major coastal media centers feeds into the narrative that the country and the media is run by and for "coastal elites" which is not good for the health of our democracy either.

Your annual reminder that your monthly metrics will be down 10% in February because February is 10% shorter than January. Please do not contact your data team about it.

Ok, my first poll for #FediPoll - what kind of mobile phone do you use?

(boosts appreciated to get as much engagement as possible, thanks!)

#CollegeBoard's website is so shit that I Googled the CSS Profile codes of 5 colleges in the time it took to give me a list for "New York". Google's out there literally searching millions of web pages and extracting this number, and CollegeBoard can't even do a lookup of like a thousand name to number entries in their database </rant>

When was your earliest memory?

Ethical question: Someone I don't know but share a common interest with posted a picture of a very cool delivery he got with the address blocked out but the tracking number clearly visible. Do I tell him that the shipper gives a partial address online and will give a complete address and photo of the delivered package if contacted by email? or is someone else's OpSec none of my business.

What is your prediction on the raising the US ? (Boost for bigger sample)

1) caves; increase tied to spending cuts

2) cave; Clean debt limit Increase.

3) US Government Default

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