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If the path to your ideal society depends on everyone agreeing to live by the rules of that society, what you have is a fantasy not a solution. The first question of social change must be how to accommodate those who don't support it.

I'm gobsmacked! The more I'm learning about Forth, the more I'm loving its simplicity, and its extensibility,... and dare I say it... its elegance.

Yes, it can be quite cryptic at times. But the way you take little blocks of functionality to make slightly bigger blocks. And then expand on those blocks to bend to your will.... It's just a joy.

It's real programming on a rudimental level.

It's no wonder that there are passionate fans of this language.

#forth #retrocomputing

my repeated failed attempts at answering this question without snark indicate that I should remain clear of counselors and 10 year olds.

A ten year old asks what [mental health] counselors do. What do you say? @therapists

Don't believe the horror stories about electric vehicles! Here's an honest review of a recent holiday we took in one. The conclusion? It was perfectly uneventful.

#EV #electricvehicles

I have a co-worker who is on a solo crusade to eliminate abbreviations from written language. I am new employee who has to ask every time I encounter a new abbreviation in a field I have not worked in before. Stay tuned this solo crusade may shortly turn into a dynamic duo of just-write-it-out crusaders.

Just like the vehicles, hydrogen fuel stations require a LOT of continuous and costly high precision maintenance. Without that they become unsafe to operate. With no real market to serve they quickly become an expensive white elephant.

Hydrogen is hell on metal components and these super high pressure systems need to be re-certified every 24 months. The expense of certifications is quickly becoming uneconomical

Headline: The UAW strike and the inexorable math of electric vehicles

Me: fewer jobs (because EVs are much simpler and therefore easier to assemble) is a bitter pill to swallow. Can the US take it? 🤔


Once more: Batman: one word. Iron Man: two words. Spider-man: hyphenated. This is important to me and also doesn’t matter because language is made up and we all know who you mean. But, y’know…

Were you aware that JFK's Nephew (his brother's son) Is currently running against Biden for the Democrat nomination for President of the USA?

Hamish's grumpy old man rant of the day:

This * is an asterisk

Asterix is a fictional Gaul.


Prediction: If Elon starts charging to use Xitter, 90% of journalists will write long scathing articles and then imediately pony up the cash.

I wan to make a request to : When you design labs please design some (most) without step-by-step instructions. The chances of your students needing pipette skills in 10 years is remote. What will serve most student better will be the ability to identify a problem, design and experiment that might explain that problem, setup and run that experiment, then interpret the results. Perhaps followed up by design a second experiment if the first didn't help.

Save the "follow the recipe" skills for home ec. The most important thing you can teach your student at any level is experimental design.



I agree that I would find an urban area with fewer cars to have a higher quality of life than the equivalent area with more.

However after two decades away, this country bumkin is thrilled to finally escape the crushing, crowded, noisy, built up environment of the city to get back to having an acre(half a hectare) out on dirt road where I have the space to grow my own food, not have to fight my neighbors about the value of established trees that might hit their building, and can see the stars at night. At least for me this is a higher quality of life than any city no matter how well designed.


Help a person out. I have a bachelors degree in that a am very proud of and a Masters of Divinity that is from a different time in my life. Professionally, I would now really benefit from having a solid formal education in . What are some options for getting a formal degree (either BS or MA level) while continuing to work full time?

I would appreciate boosts for wider reach if your followers are knowledgeable in this area

Having only 80 Assemblymembers for 40,000,000 Californians means we have a ridiculously high 500,000 to one ratio in the lower house of our state legislature. No other state legislature comes anywhere near that level of poor representation in its lower house.

I would support a nonpartisan, good government ballot initiative to expand our State Assembly to 160 members so that we have smaller-size districts for our lower house.

#California #politics

In which you find out that
#democats and #republicans work together to stifle speech, threaten third party candidates, and generally subvert the Democratic process to maintain power no matter the cost.

After a third party candidate pulled 20% of the vote back in '92, the CPD changed the rules to make third party access to the debates impossible. They even barred third party candidates from being -present-, threatening then with arrest if they dared attend.

So ask yourself... when the party you choose works with the party of authoritarian
#fascists, uses speech suppressive tactics so they can both stay in power... what does that make them? What does that say about you when you vote for them?

#liberal Democrats are already ramping up the "us or #fascism" rhetoric, again. They're right; theres no good reason to vote for a republican. But what they either don't know or pretend not to know is that thier collusion with republicans is what got us here in the first place.

Voting for
#republicans is a hard no. Voting for #democrats is, for me, dependent on them stepping up to open the debates.

@w7voa This is actually quite a brilliant move by the . Striking workers get strike funding from the union and cannot get unemployment. Workers who are laid off get to collect unemployment from the state instead. The union, by striking at only one of two closely aligned plants, gets twice as much harm to the companies while the tax payer picks up half the cost for them

Apologies in advance if you follow me. As the election cycle in the USA spins up, I'll likely be pointing out the hypocrisy I see on the fedi.

It may appear that I target
#democrats more than #republicans . I do. That's because Democrats are essentially good people who are tied to a party that has only very recently shifted into being less shitty and even then, pretty noncommittally at times. I don't target Republicans often because there's nothing to fucking SAY there. If you can support thier explicitly anti-rights, racist, bigoted positions... there's no hope for you as you are. Saying "you're a racist" to a racist ends up with a "nuh uh" or a "yup lol."

I've been in tech for a long time but I'm not a big believer in IOT. My house is going to be Battlestar Galactica style for the foreseeable future. No networked fridges, stoves, light switches or toasters 😉

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