So earlier today I was talking to a stranger being all buddy and this woman walks by in a low cut shirt he says.

"Wow, she looks like a real slut, her tits are practically hanging out."

To which I replied, rather perplexed

"Why would you complain about tits, tits are awesome!"

Not sure if I'm a hero for saying that or an asshole, but one thing I know for sure, I'm honest.

@freemo My husband just this second said almost the same thing with me grumbling about a perfectly good photo of a landscape being ruined with a woman in the middle of it.

"Because boobs make everything better, that's why"


You are both heroes for your honesty... real heroes... πŸ˜‘


@freemo I should also say that this is a good natured poke at you and a half brick heave at my husband since he is always chasing my boobs around and I hate it:P

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@Nyoei Its a shame boobs are attached to women. If they werent we could chase them around without actually bothering anyone :)

@freemo I wish they were detachable and had little feet of their own. I could let them be free range and run off by themselves to be chased or not as they wanted and leave me in peace to study as my heart desires without any distractions.

@Nyoei that sounds like a plot to a movie that absolutely must become a reality! :awesome:



Yes, I'm picturing Peter Max-style animation.

@freemo dunno, man. Here I was thinking, "moobs" are a thing too, right? πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

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