What's wrong with this picture?

This is a frame from the movie "Exodus: Gods and Kings"

@Pat Mmm, I've tried looking up a few potential issues but they all checked out. So I don't know what's wrong with the picture. Tell us? :)

@Pat Well, when I saw the picture my line of thinking went along like this:

- Did scale mail exist back then? *Searches* Mm, yeah, that's certainly possible. It was mentioned in a reign before this movie was set in.

- Okay, so, did they have those kind of trumpets back then? Yeah, there were even Egyptian drawings depicting that style trumpet. It's just that the ones with valves existed around 1800s. The medieval type trumpets already existed since Egyptian times. They're apparently called buisine.

- Ok fine. So, hairstyle. Is that normal? Yeah, the usual Egyptian style is often bald shaved (against heat and lice), and they often wore wigs. But they did have external influence, in particular from the Romans (almost typed Romulans there, lol), so that isn't really unthinkable either.

Am I overthinking this? :)


You're on the right track. It's something that doesn't fit with the historical facts.

@Pat The only one I can still think of is: Too many white people there? Other than that I'm out of ideas. I'm not knowledgeable enough to figure out if the decorations are all period-appropriate.



That's it! The ethnicities of the actors playing the lead roles -- those characters who have the power -- are played by people whose backgrounds are Welch, British, Scottish, Italian, etc., while the menial characters are played by people who actually look Egyptian.

This sort of thing happens all the time in Hollywood movies, but it mostly goes unnoticed. But when people of color play historical figures who were white, like with the play "Hamilton", then everybody notices it.

@Pat It doesn't surprise me for a Hollywood-movie to have mostly white people in main roles. I mean, it's Hollywood. Almost all the western world thinks Jesus was white too, so the views are already warped.

I don't know Hamilton, but I kind of recognize your last paragraph... when women play roles which were usually filled by men (Thor, Ghostbusters, Dr Who), alllllll the damn articles talked about that as well instead of about the story or whatever else. :P It's just dumb.

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