Retro SciFi Movie of the Week...

The Bicentennial Man (1999)

Starring Robin Williams, this is a great science fiction film that nobody under 30 has ever heard of.

@Pat I saw it, but I'm 31 so I guess that holds. Neat moviefilm but I dont agree with the protagonists choices in the end :comfyderp:



Yeah, it's a silly premise -- "I'd rather die than be immmortal". Star Trek NG made the same mistake with Data, he always wanted to be more human. I guess it's just the bias of the writers (who I assume are human).

re: spoiler 

@Pat people dont usually get along with transhumanism

re: spoiler 

@Pat I mentioned it to gen x and they just go "what like transexuals?" and its like no its not that and then they delete it from their brain and we have to have the conversation every time.

They liked altered carbon though so :blobcatdunno:

You can kind of skirt the line but you have to stay close to normalcy or people will zone out and lose the plot. They did that with Ghost in the Shell where the idiots doing the remake didn't understand the existentialism and removed it all for a generic oppressed woman plot.

So were stuck with every robot wants to be a person. Because we can't identify with the opposite.

re: spoiler 


>"people dont usually get along with transhumanism"

Transcendence was a box office flop for that reason, I think. It was one of the better films of this century, but people didn't understand that he was moving to the next step. Movie critiques were complaining that what was going on was beyond the laws of physics, without understanding more advanced tech will use quantum to, e.g., implement programmable matter.

(sorry, spell-check is on on fritz, you'll have to live with my dyslexia for now)

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