Retro SciFi Film of the week…

Tron (1982)

This was the first major motion picture to extensively use CGI. The film was targeted at the small, niche market of computer users, as well as others who were interested in the new fad.

This dream/fantasy world narrative was influenced by early literature such as The Odyssey and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Tron had considerable influence on subsequent science fiction films such as The Martix, Vanilla Sky (Abre los ojos) and Inception.

(movie poster image owned by Buena Vista Pictures; low res fair use)

spoiler warning – Tron/Wizard of Oz 

spoiler warning – Tron/Wizard of Oz

I forgot to mention one of my favorities, The Wizard of Oz (1939). Tron was certainly influenced by that film – the protagonist goes to a alternate reality, meets others who together help to kill an evil, autocratic bad guy.

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