Retro SciFi of the Week…

Contact (1997)

Why can’t more science fiction be like this? There are no goofy monsters or extra-terrestrials that evolved to look like English-speaking humans. No space battles modeled after 20th century warfare. No space aliens that want to colonized Earth.

Contact is a realistic portrayal of what a first contact might look like. It’s very well written and produced, and the acting is world class. The film took a hit from some reviewers when it debuted because of who the filmmakers were (the writer, Carl Sagan was an atheist (or agnostic) and the lead actor, Jodie Foster is lesbian), so keep that in mind if you look up ratings/reviews of the film.

One of the questions asked by this film is whether an extra-terrestrial species could provide us with information that would cause us to destroy ourselves. You don’t want miss this one.

(image, CC-BY-4.0)

@Pat It's in my top 10 list! I love that the underlying theme of the movie is faith.

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