Retro SciFi of the Week…

Epoch (2001)

This is an independently produced film which I assume was done on a low budget, but as with last week’s film, it’s a much better film then you’d expect. It was released around the time of the 9/11 attacks, so there wasn’t much room available to create a lot buzz for it. Even so, when it aired on the SciFi Channel (SYFY) in November 2001, it drew the largest audience of any film on the channel to that date.

The movie is about an artifact that suddenly appears in Agua Dulce.

(image: fair use low-res movie poster)

"’s a much better film THAN you’d expect."

"Than", not "then".

(Use "than" for comparison of grammatical objects that differ from one another, or to set aside something that is different. Use "then" to indicate temporal order -- that which comes next after something else.)

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