Well, the Democrats have control of Congress for about three more weeks. Let's see if they pass legislation to make abortion legal for every American just like they promised.

@Pat YES! I always said that while it is an abomination it wasnt a protected law sooner, relying on it being a supreme court precedence was always a bandaid and never the real solution, the SCOTUS is not a body that creates laws.... so seeing an actual law on the books is something I've wanted for a long time and is how it should have always been!



But if they make it legal now, they won't be able to fire up the base and bring in the donations in 2024.

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@Pat one has to wonder if when they loose by one democratic swing vote if that is intentional or not....


Just as they planned...

"Oh, we'd really like to pass all these things, give you freedom, tax everyone fairly, but golly, that senator over there in the safe seat is blocking everything. Too bad."

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