Important QOTO announcement!

We are currently debating language rule changes in our Discourse forum. The current direction is that we may eforce in the next day a english-only rule for the server (though likely we will make an exception for accounts that are already established on the server that dont speak english). We havent made the decision final yet but we will be in the next day.

Please, if this topic is important to you please contribute to the conversation on our Discourse forum. So far no one has objected but if anyone does we would like to hear from you..

@QOTO I do not like this idea. Freedom of speech, but no freedom of language? Why is there a need? imho.


I am intrigued. 🤓🍿

So, you are proposing that only THE local language should be allowed in the public sphere?
Now, that is an "interesting" policy to say the least. Em recordo d'un temps que aquesta mena de repressió cultural era la política lingüística d'un país...

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