Today we had some problems on the server and it was slower than usual. Had to do with a mismatch in versions on docker engine. I managed to keep the server running while i diagnosed the problem, but it was noticably slow with the occasional 404.

Now that i found the problem I am applying it but you should already notice things are mostly back to normal. In a few minutes everything should be fully responsive again.

Sorry to everyone on for the recent difficulties, this was a very big migration for us and we are doing a LOT of work.. so breaks a few things up front but in the long term it will mean more updates, faster updates,and a more stable scalable system.

We still have about 5 updates we are planning to apply soon, we are just perfecting the environment first and setting up a beta environment, so stay tuned.

Ugh, !

This doesn't help me feel any better with my long criticisms of the industry-wide move toward .

Versioning has always seemed to be especially problematic in those systems.

But mainly I'm half joking with this post. I know a person can't cling to the old solutions while the world moves on.

But you kids need to get [your containers] off my lawn! :)


@volkris Its not about progress for progress sake... containers are objectively better way to go. They save massive amount of time and issues in the long run. The problems we are having is largely unrelated to containers and they are just difficulties around masto in general.

@freemo that has been the opposite of my experience.

@volkris Give a concrete example where that might be the case... As someone who is anti-container my first guess would be you are dealing with a learning curve and not an issue inherent to containers.

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