One problem fixed, another crops up...

So while that last fix did make things better, there seems to be a bit of lingering slowness for a few things, but things are mostly working.

I worked all day(and its midnight now) to bring up some very extensive monitoring tools for the team for us to help diagnose the issue.

I will work through the weekend to help improve things further, though I may need to get some sleep before I can fully resolve this. At least things are working other than a slight bit of lag. I will keep everyone on updated.

@QOTO Please be informed that we appreciate all of your effort.
Keeping the (qoto)server up and running is a work of love and dedication. I have to commend you on that. Thank you for your hard work. 🙏


Thank you.

FYI the @QOTO isnt monitored for responses. It is for informational updates and usually posts are made there by one of the moderators (usually me).

@QOTO Thank you and the 'Elders of the Internet' for your hard worn magick.

Wot a job and service to us plebs, trying to be users and assorted greatfuls :lobster:

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