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"Die richt zich onder meer op de bedrijven Nestlé Waters (van o.a. Perrier en Vittel) en Sources Alma (van o.a. Cristaline en Vichy-Célestins). ,,Deze bedrijven laten de consumenten geloven dat ze natuurlijk water verkopen, terwijl het gaat om water dat in het verleden vervuild is geweest en dat op illegale wijze behandeld is’’, aldus de advocaat van Foodwatch."

Bronwater uit Frankrijk blijkt regelmatig illegaal gereinigd vuil water | Buitenland |

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is back after a long migration in the first stage of our upgrade. Now that we are on a new home we will give it 24 horus to see if the move was bug free (As it seems to be) and then we will start upgrading versions one at a time day by day.. The upgrades are prepared and ready and should be **much** quicker.

The move took a while as we keep a backlog of every message to the start of the fediverse so our media and DB stores are quite large and it took a long time. But we are back!!!

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⚡ Chat Control May Finally Be Dead! ⚡

European court rules that encryption must not be broken. 🔒 💪

Let's celebrate this win for privacy. 🎉 😍

#ChatControl #Optimism #Privacy #Encryption

Read more here: 👇

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This is the day.

From now on, the Digital Services Act becomes enforceable on all online platforms in the EU.

The #DSA empowers users, EU countries and platforms to:

⏩ Counter illegal content, goods, and services
⏩ Ban sensitive data for targeted ads
⏩ Protect minors and their personal data
⏩ Inform users about ads and their sponsors
⏩ And more

We will ensure all platforms play by the rules.

Discover how 👉!4fXYH4

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The Ubuntu Matrix homeserver is now live, 3 years of, and great progress in our fundraiser!

That and much more happened #ThisWeekInMatrix thanks to you all:

#TWIM #Matrix

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GNOME, KDE, various corners of BSD, Mozilla, Thunderbird, FSFE, Nextcloud, OSM, Eclipse Foundation, AI Verify Foundation, Open Source Initiative, and now Ubuntu:

I am absolutely thrilled to see more communities making a home for themselves on Matrix 🚀

Congrats to @ubuntu for officially going live with their own Matrix homeserver!

#Matrix #OpenSource #FOSS #Ubuntu

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Alexey Navalny(47) dead in prison.

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When we first started, people asked: how do I know Proton will still be around in 10 years?

This year, Proton turns 10. And while past performance doesn't determine future results, here's why Proton is able to sustain its mission over the long-term:

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🏊 Steeds minder kinderen hebben een zwemdiploma.

🧒 We willen dat alle kinderen in onze stad zwemdiploma 🅰️ én 🅱️ halen en daarna regelmatig blijven zwemmen.

🩳 Daarom gaan we scholen helpen met het organiseren van gratis schoolzwemmen.


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