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Awareness post: there is an instance on fedi called '' where you can only post 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'

my experience on this dying world has been made richer through this knowledge, and may yours be also
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i think they should rename "favorite" to "enjoy". i would like to enjoy posts

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I was giving the #LibreTranslate a shot to see how it has improved since the last time I checked.

It seems it has a very funny bug, for some of the words in Turkish (I know few words) it just keeps repeating the some form of the given string. For example the word "test". See for yourself:

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The duf is a better 'df' command. It gives you a single tool for checking disk usage and free space on Linux, macOS, *BSD, Windows, Android and Unix. Try duf today

Finally decided to myself a desk organizer to make my desk actually organized, really happy with the result.
Although it took me roughly 15 hours for the blue and another 2 hours for the orange

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100 Mastodon myths:

1. Mastodon is hard.

FALSE. It’s a "soft"ware. Not hardware.

2. You have to use Linux to post on Mastodon.

FALSE. FreeBSD and OpenBSD are also supported.

3. You need to learn to use the Vim editor before posting on Mastodon.

FALSE. There’s also an emacs plugin.

4. Mastodon is only for computer nerds.

FALSE. As you can see, we sometimes try to make jokes that everyone could understand.

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mastodon works quickly... I've just installed Rust

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Would you pay to keep #Mastodon / #Fediverse up and running?

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I've made a deliberate choice against a quoting feature because it inevitably adds toxicity to people's behaviours. You are tempted to quote when you should be replying, and so you speak at your audience instead of with the person you are talking to. It becomes performative. Even when doing it for "good" like ridiculing awful comments, you are giving awful comments more eyeballs that way. No quote toots. Thank's

Roughly a year i had my Bday, and just know i realized i got no cake.. So i made myself a triple chocolate cake

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New people! Here's how to fill your timeline:

-Follow hashtags if your server supports it. You can do this by logging in through the website, searching for a tag, then clicking the + in the top right corner. New posts with those tags will appear in your timeline.

-Find interesting people on directories:

-On the official Masto app, click 🔍 and browse the trending posts, tags and Community

-On the website, click Explore

Forgot to add, the only bummer in using linix here is that i dont have access to the led controling software.

So on a completely related note, anyone knows how to properly reverse engineer software in order to get access to the protocol/device/whatever info to write a foss alternative?

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Got my ayaneo air the other day, it looks amazing and it is really fun playing not at my computer.
Of course first thing i did was install linux(holoiso) on it(tho it took me a bit because chimeraos didnt want to install and holoiso had only broken links so i had to build the iso myself)

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Hey #Rust crate maintainers! I've written a crate metadata validator. Check if your crates need fixes:

Finally “upgraded” my and replaced its fans(after like 3 weeks of the printer sitting waiting for me to do something)

The fans and entire head dont feet that perfectly together, so i might print another head someday(also cable work is a mess and im bad at it)

I am thinking about trying a dual spool setup one day but until then i have some time

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@RustyStriker Well off the top of my head we have a bunch of tab management options, web panels, mail, calendar, feeds, ad blocker, tracking protection, translate, mouse gestures, editable toolbars, reading list, a typed command interface (and macros), notes manager, sound controls, extensive theme management …


Holy wow, I just took my usual walk(roughly 3.6km) and managed to maintain an average speed of 6.4km/h
(took me around 33 minutes)!
I think this is the best walk i had so far
(do people use tags to talk about their daily walk?)

Hey fedi, anyone knows of a good with a home screen wodget for android?
Was using posidon launcher untill now and i dont think i can drop the rss feed on the home screen

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@redstarfish Indeed, the C99 spec allows this.
Most systems tend to either store argv on a stack or a heap, which you can modify just fine.

If you go and declare char *sneed[] = {"chucks", "feed", "and", "seed", NULL}; - you unfortunately typically can't modify that, as gcc typically places such array into a read-only section.
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