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If the current administration is replacing the word Mother with Birthing Person, that may that legally exclude adoptive and foster moms from being seen as mothers in the eyes of the government wherever this is used.

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If it provides no additional protection, do we still have to call it a vaccine?

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@SecondJon @ReadyKilowatt

Yes yes yes. So many yeses.

And also, the one thing most Americans actually have in common is a complete lack of financial discipline. That is the primary thing I see in these charts.

@ReadyKilowatt LOL. Nothing here is personal... Mostly when I hear peeps insulting millennials lack of values it's coming from the generation that was tasked to pass on values, so I find it self destructive when followed through.

Also.... Looking at the charts, gen X didn't seem to be much different than millennials. I don't fit with the charts.... But that means that to average out there's people faring far far worse than the charts represent.

@stsmith wait now.... If pride gets more than one month, there won't be enough time to celebrate the rest of the seven deadly sins.

@Secftblgirl ha. Is there a source for this or is it just a funny meme without data behind it?

@TaggyT @ReadyKilowatt Agreed. But should millennials have divined ROI from nowhere? Of course the non profitable degree won't teach that there's no ROI there, it'd be bad for business. But certainly this is something the parents of millennials (boomers) may have missed.

At the same time, I don't understand those who as adults signed contracts to borrow and repay then beg for their agreed upon debts to be wiped away.

@freemo congrats! I love first editions. I have one from a favorite author from over 100 years ago my wife got me as a gift. We have several first editions now, but it's rare to have them over a century old.


As fun as it is to see boomers attack the generation they raised and see millennials respond in kind...the article seems to key this not off of lower wages due to hours worked nor lavish lifestyle spending but the dramatic increase in the cost of higher education. I wonder who was the driving force for millennials in pursuit of college degrees no matter the debt required.

The old SNL sketch with Steve Martin and his book Don't Spend Money You Don't Have would serve boomers, Xers, and millennials alike.

@barefootstache hm. It's complicated by the fact that they hand picked items to survey, and what did they hand pick? 🤣

Two-thirds (65%) of the high-engagement true statements were characterized as benefiting liberals, while only 10% of accurate claims were considered beneficial to conservatives. On the other side, 46% of falsehoods were rated as advantageous to conservatives, compared to 23% of false claims benefiting liberals.

Looks like a pretty stacked deck to me. Looks from this like the survey ended up : 7 out of 8 of these true statements align with liberal talking points. Meanwhile 5 of these 7 false things are false and align with with conservative taking points. We're shocked, shocked I tell you that when surveyed people agree with stacked headlines that align with their preexisting bias.

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How to mute advertisements at several gas stations in the US

This suggestion is for Valero but apparently also works for similar pumps at Chevron and Circle K.

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Check out this bizarre and fascinating #vaccine graphic Tom Woods just put out:

Just saw a Fast and Furious movie for the first time. One word : Shakespearean. 🤣

@Lonestar this past 14 months certainly seems to be a time of competing hysterias. It will be fascinating to look back on.

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