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Wife: [goes to sbux]

Me: [doesn't want anything because it's meh IMO]

Sbux: want this drink for free? it was a mis-order from the person ahead of you

Wife: I got you a treat; I know your priorities for free food trump your dislike of sbux

Me: this is true love

@mhjohnson @ReadyKilowatt For the cost of parking at the Airport, we ought to have 24/7 security details... And our cars should be washed, waxed, and have fluids topped off while we travel.

Met the new mayor of this week at a townhall about his plan to solve outdoor deaths among the unhoused/homeless by using tax dollars to buy hotels and build tiny homes.

Because...if they die by overdose, murder, suicide under a roof, those outside death numbers go down. The stats look great, people feel great. But this doesn't make the deaths less tragic. It just removes them from sight so we can better ignore these people.

He said there will be comprehensive mental health and addiction services, but already the city is not doing what it's funded because they can't fill job positions.

Three underlying causes of homelessness: cost of living, mental health issues, addiction.

Cost of living here in Denver continues to go up because of state and city policies. Property taxes just went up hundreds of dollars per month. Our trash service taxes got spent elsewhere so now we are required to pay a monthly fee for it too. Government policy has increased the cost of utilities.

Government pandemic response escalated a lot of mental health issues and caused a lot of other problems.

Denver and Colorado keep legalizing more drugs, making our city a mecca for some seeking these. Denver benefits on the tax revenue.

The list goes on. Government policy is a major factor of all the causes of homelessness. But government benefits, so they won't fix the problem.

Best the can offer: once your taxes force you out of your home and you go crazy, they'll provide you clean needles at a converted hotel so you can escape until you kill yourself.

It feels machiavellian... Government policies will come to save the day from the problem caused by the same government.

I hope I'm wrong and hope good comes from this. But color me skeptical.

Some people are talking about a covid crisis next week.

Posting this for reference later.

@swcollings that or.... something about that relationship and pregnancy was somehow different than cultural norms?

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@thisisthebreath @TheCM another vote for the SanDisk clip. I have these for my kids. Found one refurbished on Walmart this year for less than Amazon in case you're looking.

@steele I saw your post and looked this up. I'm sharing so I'm not alone in this...strange experience.

Kidz bop with kids oddly dancing about waiting for... rum? (they regularly edit songs to be kids friendly, but not this one) 🤣

I do have The Welllerman on our family house cleaning playlist, but will try to not see this video again.

@josh nearly two years ago I left for a different position, I'm sure FSL has continued to grow and evolve since I've been hands on with it. It was a lot of fun implementing it though! Are you staying near the event or a commute away? I stay near when I can. Sometimes I need to slip away from the crowds so a nearby hotel can be great

@josh hey, great question. I've been doing dev/architecture for a long time and helped build up fsl as one of the early customers using it (initially from click software before Salesforce bought it). can be really useful or just an expensive way to hear days of sales pitches.

Here's a few tips that have helped me maximize my success over the years at df...

- add overlapping sessions. There's no telling when you might need to stay after a session to ask questions or run into someone you should connect with. Also, some sessions are pretty far from each other and some will be full, even if you get there early, so have plenty of back ups.

- focus on sessions not recorded. The big huge sessions are always recorded. I have presented at Dreamforce and TDX, none of my sessions were recorded. The roadmap sessions are not usually rebroadcast anywhere so I always prioritize those for all products we use or might use.

- when looking at sessions, look at who the presenters are. If they're from a vendor, then it's likely going to mostly be a sales pitch, so go if you're considering those vendue tools.... I consider slack and Tableau and Mulesoft on this first category. If it's Salesforce + a customer then it's likely good info plus some great examples of how a real customer is using whatever the topic is. If it's just Salesforce it may be selling a feature you may or may not need, or may be really great info and roadmap stuff and you can ask questions from those calling the shots on the products.

- speaking of asking questions... Go to True to the Core, ask the developer sessions, etc. I've gotten a lot of value from the chance to ask leaders at Salesforce questions and hearing those of other customers.

- df can be a great networking opportunity, with SF experts in what you use like fsl, and other customers doing similar things. Ask you AE if they can arrange any meet ups with other customers they know that you might benefit from meeting. Look for networking sessions on agenda builder.

- check out the vendor off site stuff. Lots of venues get rented out near Moscone with places to sit, grab a drink or a bite to eat. It's nice sometimes to have registered for entry just to be able to chill for a minute, especially if your hotel is far away. Same goes for the evening events hosted by vendors

- take careful advantage of the vendor booths, usually in the bottom of Moscone south. It's great to see what's out there and ask questions directly from the vendors and get some freebies, but sometimes they are clearly paid on how many badges they scan, and if they scan you, you'll never get off their call/mailing list. Sometimes I walk through with my hand over my badge so they can't scan unless I want them to.

- remember this is a big sales event for Salesforce and the vendors. Even customer sessions are likely approved based on whether it's likely to increase Salesforce revenue. So be sure to understand what you can use now vs what you'll need to add onto your contract.

- wear good walking/running shoes. You'll get lots of steps in so you want to have comfortable feet.

- there's usually tea/coffee and fruit out early as the sessions are starting each morning... if so grab a drink and a bite on your way in.

- try to get some time away from the event for Chinatown, the golden gate Bridge, fisherman's warf, etc. It's a lot of hustle and bustle and if you do it right, a lot of content. It's nice to have a break.

Are these ideas helpful?

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I understand feeling overwhelmed, stressed, etc. I have six kids. It’s not like I have some idealized, naive vision of parenthood. But all great things in life can also overwhelm and stress you out. It’s the price of admission. No sense whining about it.

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@steele after a college professor highly recommended it, I think it took me a decade of much interpreted reading to complete The City of God. I enjoyed it though and took solice at least in the fact it took Augustine even longer to write it.

I'm seeing stories that 74% of Americans support the ending of race based policies, and also seeing commentary that the supreme court only ruled against race based policies because of secret money paid by the far right.

So...the far right is 74% of Americans? Anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders maybe? And they're forcing their ideas of not basing decisions on race on the 26% who want to keep the race based policies?


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There is a significant difference between a large-scale conduit for the speech of others (Twitter) and a local bakery or embroidery shop. I think the law should treat large-scale places of public accomodation differently, and there's plenty of precedent for that.

The action in question is different, too. A baker who refuses to creatively express certain messages isn't muzzling anyone. And as a mere conduit, Twitter isn't speaking when they host our messages.

@realcaseyrollins @big_diggity think I saw skillet first in the late 90s at cornerstone music festival, saw again last year at Oklahoma city. Wild?

@steele yes! We bought a real gym-style one maybe 10 years ago. I think it was about $650 new on a half off sale. It's used multiple times per week by my wife and now my kids. I use it at times in the winter.

Last year I bought one of those under desk treadmills for my home office. It was a lot less expensive, and broke within a few months.

It does make a difference, for sure. Our kids nearest grandparents are a thousand miles away. Babysitting is a huge expense for us and we very (very) rarely get a night kid free. Which is okay. But it's a vastly different experience than those with grandparents they're on good terms with nearby.

@realcaseyrollins Hold on. New Zealand is 2nd. They were in the news during Covid for the most extreme personal freedom limits - or am I mis-remembering. Canada being 13, 12 higher than the US.... when Trudeau does things like freeze bank accounts of anyone who donated to peaceful protestors...

At first glance I have doubts about the quality of the list.

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We shall soon be in a world in which a man may be howled down for saying that two and two make four, in which people will persecute the heresy of calling a triangle a three-sided figure, and hang a man for maddening a mob with the news that grass is green.

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