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The benefit of the original proposition is that of ongoing income having a property that could be used as Rental property, which is true regardless of potential selling value.

It's also true that nothing is risk free. Just handling over cash to a higher ed institution rather than offsetting cost with something that produces income AND has potential future value in itself seems wise.

Seriously thinking about this actually.... Several kids and just got through a period of real financial strain. What if we started investing in real estate in lieu of educational savings accounts? Hmm.

@realcaseyrollins interesting idea. After becoming a parent (now of several kids) I became more friendly to the question of why parents of adult children should be obligated to pay for college. 🤔

The state of college/university also has me concerned about the ROI of a tuition bill.

I like the idea better of having a family business that adult children can help run and this pass it on. An airbnb/rental setup could do nicely for that, I like the idea better of my many kids benefiting from investing in the family business rather than expecting extremely large cash allowances for years into adulthood.

residents: Another reminder that your Democrat government hates you.

Denver to cut citizens hours to zero to illegally hire noncitizens not authorized to work in the US.

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I didn't know I wanted to learn patience today. But I'm at a car dealer. Here we go.

"From heaven's perspective, everything is going according to plan." - Dale C Ortlund, Deeper, Chapter 1

"Fall on your knees"
Always gets to me. Lines like Meek and mild... No crying he makes... Communicate such a soft cuddly story... But Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds had to be told to not fear.

The true story is traumatic and contains highs and lows in the most extreme possible ways.

Divorce and abandonment was avoided before, real risk of death due to a king's rage would soon follow. The barriers between realms was torn open and non human beings were appearing with messages for humanity as very God through whom all of reality was created and is sustained came in the form of a newborn baby.

To me, the line to "Fall on your knees" is a reminder of the weighty significance of the reality of the incarnation.

@swcollings sorry to see this in my feed this morning. Do you have plans or leads for what's next?

@Smeeagain @TwistedEagle trump write in votes won't be counted if this ruling stands. Check out this article from a few years ago explaining it. It seems to be up to the Jenna who championed this effort to defend democracy by blocking votes for the leading candidate.


To protect we must not let people vote for him. This is not voter suppression because people can still vote for candidates not yet removed from the ballot, and is not election interference because there will still be an election... Between candidates our four justices approve.


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🚨BREAKING: Illinois Democrats just killed the only school choice program in the state.

It's not a voucher but a tax credit that funds scholarships for 10,000 low income and mostly minority students.

The kids wanted it but the teachers' unions didn't

So IL Dems ended it.

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Liberals are banning "To Kill A Mockingbird." Conservatives are restricting pornography. We are not the same.


@realcaseyrollins @news @fuat2mb is this real? Trump telling his supporters to not cast their votes? I'm skeptical. All I found was a link to the entire 84 minute recording. Anyone got a video of Trump telling his own people to not cast their votes?

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@Dhowjen Paul wrote that Abraham was saved through faith, before the law was even given. So salvation has always been through faith in the messiah. (Romans 4)

The covenant contains special terms into which one was a participant just by being born into the community, but nowhere is eternal salvation granted on that basis alone.

It's always been grace through faith, regardless of which side of the timeline one lives.

Anyone feel free to add or correct if I'm mistaken.

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I thought #Palestine just wanted to be left alone, and that #Israel is the aggressor. This does not compute!!!

RT: https://c.im/users/NBC/statuses/111194021779800565

NBC News  
#News Hamas says it has taken Israeli hostages in surprise attack https://w.st/mLF52

@realcaseyrollins even if The Doctor's logo predates paw patrol, that simply means they went back in the TARDIS and updated it, eh?

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