To protect we must not let people vote for him. This is not voter suppression because people can still vote for candidates not yet removed from the ballot, and is not election interference because there will still be an election... Between candidates our four justices approve.

Met the new mayor of this week at a townhall about his plan to solve outdoor deaths among the unhoused/homeless by using tax dollars to buy hotels and build tiny homes.

Because...if they die by overdose, murder, suicide under a roof, those outside death numbers go down. The stats look great, people feel great. But this doesn't make the deaths less tragic. It just removes them from sight so we can better ignore these people.

He said there will be comprehensive mental health and addiction services, but already the city is not doing what it's funded because they can't fill job positions.

Three underlying causes of homelessness: cost of living, mental health issues, addiction.

Cost of living here in Denver continues to go up because of state and city policies. Property taxes just went up hundreds of dollars per month. Our trash service taxes got spent elsewhere so now we are required to pay a monthly fee for it too. Government policy has increased the cost of utilities.

Government pandemic response escalated a lot of mental health issues and caused a lot of other problems.

Denver and Colorado keep legalizing more drugs, making our city a mecca for some seeking these. Denver benefits on the tax revenue.

The list goes on. Government policy is a major factor of all the causes of homelessness. But government benefits, so they won't fix the problem.

Best the can offer: once your taxes force you out of your home and you go crazy, they'll provide you clean needles at a converted hotel so you can escape until you kill yourself.

It feels machiavellian... Government policies will come to save the day from the problem caused by the same government.

I hope I'm wrong and hope good comes from this. But color me skeptical.

Colorado cost of living and government 

With record high increases to the cost of living already before inflation, the government pushes it higher still.

In January, will start charging FEES for trash pickup in addition to the taxes that have always paid for it. The price of eggs just more than doubled due to new regulations. Denver and other localities charge government fees for shipping bags to shop at brick and mortar stores, and the state charges fees to the citizen for every delivery from Amazon or anywhere else. Some homes that burnt down last year north of Denver can't be rebuilt due to regulations that make houses cost way more to rebuild because of regulatory requirements, more than insurance policies cover.

I wonder how much of the cost of living increase that has made Colorado unaffordable for the next generation is directly relatable to these Nickle and Diming policies that continue to take more and more of the people's earnings to disappear into the budget.

Some cost of living is certainly because we have amazing geography and limited space. But when it feels like a new policy to take money from my family is implemented every day, it makes me wonder if most of this cost is unnecessary and the financial strain is directly tied back to politicians messing up our state rather than our state drawing a crowd for being awesome.

(For those outside of Colorado, these are all "fees" because if they call them a tax they have to be voter approved. When they want more of our money and they know the citizens don't want it, they can just call it a fee and no consent is necessary.)

Strange to be working at a coffeeshop on this sub-freezing day in while they play Jack Johnson. Snow outside. Hawaiian music inside.

I drove down to Highlands Ranch to get my hair cut today to get out of maskville here in . A sign on the door said they trust their customers to make their own decisions.

The barbers may have all been masked, but not all employees, and customers were mixed.

Shocking idea, trusting people to make their own decisions.

I'll be giving my spending money to Douglas and Broomfield counties when I can and as long as they have pro choice policies about masks.

Having returned to last night, I understand why people are leaving for free states. Gas prices jumped 50¢ /gallon at the state line, nonsensical mask mandates are back.

First real run of the year after insane life circumstances and an injury caused some down time. 7+ miles today and spotted a.... Blue heron?

" May the odds be ever in your favor,” governor Polis stated, alluding to the fictional Hunger Game series, in which the government manipulates the public to live in fear and cowardice. continues to push the fear and cowardice narrative, apparently thinking that The Hunger Games is a handbook for authoritarian leaders.

Rep.-Elect Lauren Holds 'Turkey Funeral' With 30 Guests On Thanksgiving

“In , Thanksgiving is limited to 10 people, but funerals are limited to 30," Rep.-elect Lauren Boebert said.

Just got a push message to my phone from the state government. Effective immediately, the State of is being renamed the State of Fear.

mail in /drop off has notifications when sent, received, and counted. Dropped off yesterday, accepted today. I don't know if they start counting or wait for election day.

Early voting in starts Monday. I'm not sure when I'll get to dropping off my ballot, I'd like extra paid time off from now through day to be sure I don't miss my chance.

Dierenbach: State's reaction to is killing Coloradans

COVID is nature in one of its most brutal forms. Our reaction to COVID is mankind in one of our most irrational forms.

suing for peaceful (but one whose perspective the gov disagrees with).

"Did I say 5,500+? I meant 174! Or as


said tonight: "MOSTLY 174!"

Was informed by a staff member of a in southwest metro that churches are being shut down by the government after their services were unknowingly monitored by government visitors who say they aren't following -19 restrictions closely enough so must shutter their doors.

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