#Salesforce Development 

Today I had the most enjoyable 90 minutes of coding in a long time.

There's no limit on callouts per hour or day, but there are limits to async apex, so initiating callouts from triggers can hit limits.

At my last job, I created a queueable callout interface with dependency injection for different integrations. We never hit system limits but the solution was ready for improvement.

Today in under two hours I build a new, simpler, and better version from scratch in a sandbox for where I work now.

Last time I built this, I think finalizers weren't around for queueable . Now the service checks to see if there's more callouts beinge to send, and restarts itself to process the next batch.

Not many lines of code, but a powerful tool for . Queue the job on insert only if it isn't already running, it'll run until all callouts are handled.

That. Was. Fun. 😁

👀 That's two CEOs out in one day.
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Salesforce Development stuff... chat, flows 

Working with chat first the first time in a long time.

Sort of clunky. Embedded/snap in chat doesn't handle dependant picklists. Visualforce prechat form doesn't seem to allow object field mapping to do this either. Bots cost more and have other limits.

My current strategy? Using a screen flow through an aura component including in the Visualforce prechat, using Javascript to pull the output variables into hidden inputs and auto submit the form. It's sorry of half way between a pre chat form and a bot.

I have field values being passed through but... They only appear on the agent hover. Once the chat is accepted, the values are nowhere to be found.

I remember running into this years ago, but don't remember the resolution. That's for today and tomorrow.

Then to see if I can get a flow to work in an LWC in embedded chat.

has a men's bathroom and an all gender bathroom here, no women's.

has announced their orwellian Office of Ethical Use, to determine who they won't provide services to.

The same Salesforce that threatened to move all employees out of Indiana and ban travel there if then governor Pence kept the religious freedom law that allowed companies to determine who they wouldn't provide services to.

True champions of freedom of association as long as you associate with who THEY say is ethical.

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