Time to play with the new toy #Arduino 4 Relays. Planning to use it on some 24/48VDC applications. #Tinkering #OpenSource

The more I learn about the the more I'm amazed by how this kid was able to convince so many people to give him their money, all without any due diligence and completely uninformed. Absolute no governance and no checks and balances. The story about how he had a call with and he was playing video games while doing the pitch is just too funny! 😂

Science is a differential equation. Religion is a boundary condition.
Alan Turing

Interesting quote but I would disagree somewhat. Science is both a differential equation and a boundary condition. Religion is trying add a new boundary condition which make the differential equation unsolvable.

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Si vous cherchez une description des processus de soumission d'article ou de peer review, je vous recommande ce brevet d'Elsevier (ironiquement, ces schémas ne sont pas couverts par le droit d'auteur, donc pompez-les !) patents.google.com/patent/US94

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The fact that @Mastodon is not "AI" driven allows me to focus on the content that I'm genuinely interested in and search exactly for the things I'm looking for. Not to mention that I don't have to put up with advertisers cluttering my feed. I can't see myself going back.

Well my Twitter account got permanently suspended. Last thing I said was this

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