@freemo Hi, Freemo! Great to be here, thank you.

I'm just a dude living a life in Tel Aviv. I'm no expert when it comes to STEM, and certainly not professionally educated in any such field but I am certainly a fan.

Outside of my interest in general knowledge, I'm into gaming, table top role playing, and have been a member of the telnet based Mu* (Mush/Mud/Mux) online Roleplaying communities for just about two decades now.

I'm big into discussing different topcs, always happy to learn something new, and share my own personal experiences and knowledge with any and everyone.

@Surasanji Hi great to meet you! I actually have an old-school mud I'm currently writing. Open-source of course. So cool to have you to geek out with sometime.

@freemo Very cool. So you're making your own hardcoded Mud? Very nice stuff- based on any particular present code?

I'm usually playing Mushes/Muxes these days- more RP heavy is my style versus the old school Pre-MMO grindy stuff.
Still, that's where I started, in MUDs. They'll always have a special place in my heart- I'm just story driven at the end of the day.

In the Mush/Mux sphere ARES (Not open source, as far as I'm aware: aresmush.com/ ) and Evennia ( github.com/evennia ) are the new hotness in code bases. The hobby really needs a new infusion of technology to attract new hobbyists, I think. I can also get you in touch with some of the folks who create those code shells, such as RHOST (Which is one of my favorite code bases.)

Anyways, in that world I can certainly get you in touch with at least one or two of the people still creating the backend/hard-code stuff if you're interested.

@Surasanji yea it was forked off someone elses work. I need to go look at my readme to get the link...


Thats my mud. IT was based on another mud but they later closed source their code. Mine is a fork of the code when it was open-source. But its been heavily modified.

@freemo Very cool stuff.

Always glad to see people involved in my hobby! Mu*ers are a somewhat dying breed. A lot of people seem very graphically focused these days when it comes to gaming these days, which is fine. I just really enjoy my 80-character width lines of text. :P

@Surasanji Man know the feeling :) glad to have you at QOTO, looking forward to chatting. Here is a screenshot of my MUD's map and fighting

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