Gooood Monday ! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

Today's is as follows: Imagine you discovered a way to master a single skill instantly. You know this will only work once. What skill would you choose to master?

I'd personally want to master Bushcraft survival.

@Surasanji I'm torn between Golf and Making myself go to bed at a reasonable hour.

@Surasanji Being able to open a Visual Studio project one year later after writing it and having it compile without blasting 6 hours out of my day fixing all the redesign issues between major updates that happened to the IDE, to external libs.

@Surasanji How big is the field of that skill?

For example, bushcraft survival includes many skills, from cooking to hunting to water harvesting. How up can we go with the levels?

I'd say I'd like the master the skill to learn anything very efficiently, so that all the other skills will still be available but I can enjoy learning them =)

@arteteco A lot of 'skills' required a great number of secondary skills to be truly mastered. Take welding, for instance. It's more than just applying heat to metal and melting them together when you truly master the skill.

But, the tag is mostly to get people talking and to have some fun. :) No wrong answers, just a conversation starter.

@Surasanji I would like to master carpentry. My grandfather was a master carpenter trained by his father and he made some beautiful pieces. Unfortunately, that skill was not passed down to me. I'd love to be able to carry on that family trait.

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