Just wanted everyone to know that effective immediately I'll be stepping down as a Mod at QOTO.

I'm really just not enjoying it, and I've found I'd much rather be on Fedi doing silly stuff.

Qoto is my first instance, and I've always liked it here. I hope everyone continues to love QOTO and the community continues to grow.

So long, and thanks for all the Fish. :)

@Surasanji Ah, that's a pity but understandable Dave. Hope you stick around and post some here too.

If I was traveling I wouldn't be able to spend as much time here either, but with the Winter blahs it's a wonderful place to be in.

Cheers! 🍾 🥂

you should feel more relax now, you're the first person i talked to in this instance :sad_cat:
(new emoji)

When did you start here, Sphinx?

That's nice that you were welcomed by Dave, I see that as an important part of a staff member. Building community is more important than playing the cop when needed.


i register a long time ago,
start to post toot on Nov 7th, how about you?
I remember how I found QOTO is i was search on google what is the most free and no censorship instance and i found here on Reddit.



I started here that same week, brought on by a BBC article talking about all the Indian users deserting twitter to this new mastodon network. Woot? Bing'd it.

Found joinmastodon.org, and from their list Qoto seemed the best fit for me.

So glad I got here and not in some crazy instance, either too big, too weird or too porny for me.

If I has started at the Mothership (masto social, the big one), I probably wouldn't have lasted 2 days or so.

Still find it hard there, although finally got my account launched - went to ask Gargron something.


Yes, QOTO is a good place and hope can live forever :rainbowdance:


That will depend on the community itself. If there is interest and participation, if people step up and help each other.

If some volunteer time and assume leadership positions, either as Collaborators (an Elite level user) or on track to assisting Staff, and becoming staff if all works well.

WE depend a lot on the admin, I have been a member of a large community were two of the admins passed away over the years, and it was a big loss, but they are still there, alive and well.

It shouldn't depend on one person, or two, but the more participation there is, the better.

Can't take nothing for granted in the Internet, things pop in and out all the time, backup your work and collect info, someday you might need to move or the place you were hosted on blinks out.

It's pretty sad, but that's life.


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