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👀 The Starlink terminals of Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters failed on the day of the Russian troops’ offensive in the Kharkov region.

The publication writes that due to Russian interference, the terminals were completely out of order for the first time. On the morning of May 10, communication with the drones “simply disappeared,” all video channels were lost, the unit commander said: “at a certain moment we were left completely blind.”

The military did not see how the Russian Armed Forces were moving and worked only with radios or telephones.

- The Washington Post

🇺🇸 The United States maintains its position that Ukraine should use American weapons within its territory

This was stated by Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh when asked whether Washington had changed its mind in the wake of the Russian offensive in Kharkiv region.

▪️ The other day, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the United States does not encourage strikes against Russia with American weapons, but "Ukraine should decide for itself what to do."

👀Drunk Man vs. Z Scumbag 💥😏

A drunk man leveled a National Guard soldier at the Atan gas station in Sevastopol.👏

Russia reported a 500% increase in trade with the Taliban

Russia has sharply increased trade with Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. If in 2022 the trade turnover between the countries “was about $170 million, now it has already crossed the $1 billion mark,” Rustam Khabibullin, head of the Russian Business Center in Afghanistan, told RIA Novosti. “The main areas of export-import are gas, oil products, flour, wheat, sunflower oil, and recently dairy products,” he clarified, adding that Russia purchases metal products and construction materials from Afghanistan.

He linked such growth rates in trade with the rise to power of the Taliban and the US decision to end the almost 20-year military presence in the Islamic state in 2021. Khabibullin accused the Americans and their NATO allies of “impeding in every possible way the active development of economic and political relations” between Russia and Afghanistan. He added that Russia intends to further correct this situation, including by creating jobs and investing in local projects of the Taliban-led state. “These are the same plants, factories, agriculture,” Khabibullin clarified. According to him, the construction of the Kush-Tape water canal is of high interest, and several Russian companies are already issuing long-term leases for land plots for agricultural purposes next to it.

Last summer, the Taliban invited Russia to take part in the construction of the Termez-Mazar-i-Sharif-Kabul-Peshawar railway, which was conceived as part of a transport corridor from India to the EU countries and was frozen due to lack of funding after the change of power in Afghanistan.

The Prosecutor's Office of St. Petersburg demanded that bookstores and publishing houses report on the printing and sale of books by "foreign agents".

n St. Petersburg, the prosecutor's office demanded that bookstores and publishing houses report on the printing and sale of books by "foreign agents". A photo of the document was published on his Facebook by journalist Giorgi Urushadze.

In March, State Duma deputies introduced a project designed to restrict access to books by "foreign agents" in libraries. The explanatory note to the project reported that now "documents created by foreign agents, extremists and terrorists" are freely placed and provided for temporary use in public libraries. Amendments to the law should limit the access of library visitors to such literature.

But already a month before, books by writers Lyudmila Ulitskaya and Boris Akunin stopped appearing in the search on the electronic system "Libraries of Moscow". And an employee of one of the Moscow libraries confirmed that they have received instructions since January 31 to send Ulitskaya's books to write-off, and those that have not yet been registered to waste paper.


The next steps are obvious. A register of people who read "forbidden books" and prosecution of people who have read or possess any book declared taboo.


Criminal cases have been opened in Belarus against 104 Belarusians for participating in Freedom Day rallies abroad.

The country's Investigative Committee reported this, calling the citizens of Belarus “incredible puppets abroad.”
The department said that 104 names have been added to the list of suspects in the case of “Belarusians Abroad”.

According to the Investigative Committee, searches, inspections and other “procedural measures” are now being carried out against participants in the protests in Batumi, Prague, Vilnius and other cities.

Freedom Day (Independence Day) is celebrated on March 25, the anniversary of the declaration of independence of the first national state - the Belarusian People's Republic, its flag is white-red-white. It is banned and people are persecuted for it in BelaruZ.

Belarusians celebrated 2024 Freedom Day again in Vilnius and other cities in the hope they will one day mark the day in their home country.

“I really want to be able to express myself, to express my thoughts without the fear of imprisonment [...]. We won’t be able to break the system just with flowers and white slippers. We shouldn’t probably do it by force, we shouldn’t kill, but we need to show that the nation is a united force,” Alexander Selekh said.

Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya and other representatives of the opposition residing in Vilnius also addressed the gathering.


The US Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has imposed sanctions on two Russian individuals and three Russian organizations for facilitating arms transfers between Russia and North Korea, — US Department of the Treasury.

In this way, the Ministry is trying to prevent North Korea from supplying Russia with weapons, including ballistic missiles, which the Kremlin uses against Ukraine.

They explained that acting through networks located in Russia, the violators are trying to avoid sanctions by using shell companies to move military equipment to support Russia's illegal aggression against Ukraine.

In particular, it concerns Rafael Gazaryan, who cooperates with the sanctioned Ashot Mkrtychev and related companies. After the imposition of sanctions, Mkrtychev and his associates continued to facilitate the shipment of military equipment from North Korea to Russia. Gazaryan was the contact person and intermediary in the negotiations between the Russian government and the North Korea.

The companies involved in the arms transfer activities were “Verus”, “Rafort” and “Trans Kapital”.

Another person on the updated sanctions list is Aleksey Budnev. According to the Ministry of Justice, he facilitated the supply of North Korean military communications equipment to Russia to support the Russian military. Budnev is the sole owner of the Russian LLC “ Technologiya”.

As the Ministry of Justice emphasized, all property and interests of these persons located in the United States or owned or controlled by US persons are now blocked.

In addition, any entity that is directly or indirectly more than 50% owned by a sanctioned person is blocked. OFAC's regulations generally prohibit all transactions with or through the United States that involve sanctioned persons.

British historian Timothy Garton Ash donated 1.4 million Ukrainian hryvnias to the Armed Forces from his own award.

Together with the “Come Back Alive” foundation, he provided the Ukrainian military of the 22nd Mechanized Brigade with drones and night optics, giving his Lionel Gelber Prize for the book “Homelands: A Personal History of Europe.”

“I can't imagine a better use of the award I received for my book on modern European history than to donate it to equip the Ukrainian Armed Forces to win. After all, nothing less than the future of Europe is at stake in this war,” says the professor.

Good morning Resisters. Blue skies here. But we are soaked. I heard we have received 3 times our average May rainfall and the month isn't over.

The Security Service of Ukraine exposed dealers who sold "consular" documents to evaders to flee abroad

The Security Service eliminated another scheme for evasion of mobilization and illegal departure abroad of men of conscription age.

As a result of comprehensive measures, three dealers were detained in the Kyiv region, who were selling fake IDs of employees of "honorary consulates of foreign countries in Ukraine" to the evaders.

The impersonators entered the personal data of their clients in the "documents" and added their photos.

In appearance, the forgery was of high quality and closely resembled diplomatic certificates of the established model.

Having purchased a fake, the evaders used it to mislead the representatives of the military commissions and avoid conscription.

In addition, the organizers of the "scheme" provided their clients with advice on illegal border crossing using fake documents.

The cost of the entire "package of services" was 10,000 US dollars per conscript.

According to the investigation, those involved produced fakes in an underground printing house, which was organized on the basis of the production facilities of their acquaintances.

SBU officers detained three organizers of the scheme "red handed" when they received money for organizing the escape of the evader abroad.

During the searches of the residences of the dealers and the illegal shop, fake IDs, mobile phones, computer equipment and other equipment used in criminal activities were found.

An investigation is ongoing to bring to justice all persons involved in the "scheme". Perpetrators face up to 9 years in prison with confiscation of property.

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